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FKF denies misleading FIFA on resolutions

KFK Vice-president Robert Asembo (left) and President Sam Nyamweya (centre) in a NEC meeting in Eldoret. The two have been urged to quit the federation by NEC member Tom Alila.
KFK Vice-president Robert Asembo (left) and President Sam Nyamweya (centre) in a NEC meeting in Eldoret. The two have been urged to quit the federation by NEC member Tom Alila.

NAIROBI, September 29 – Football Kenya Federation (FKF) refuted claims it misled world governing body FIFA on resolutions adopted at the August 28 Annual General Meeting following claims by a presidential candidate the incumbency was scheming to manipulate the forthcoming football elections.

In a statement, FKF claimed the decision was unanimously endorsed by all delegates during the third AGM that agreed among others to have the national governing body increase its branches from 20 to 47 to align it with counties.

FKF insisted neither the National Executive Committee nor National Secretariat can alter the adopted matters by the AGM.

“As is custom, the decision adopted by the AGM of August 28 were prepared by the Secretary General and conveyed to FIFA without any alterations whatsoever and it is therefore unbecoming of any individual to impute improper motive in communicating with the FIFA headquarters in Zurich,” part of the statement read.

The federation claimed presidential candidate; namely Nick Mwendwa, who spoke to Capital Sport on an alleged plot to skew the election in favour of sitting boss, Sam Nyamweya and his cronies, was planning to organise demonstration against FIFA.

This is after the global body advised against implementing the proposed new structure in the 2015 elections calling on ‘Kenyans to dismiss any calls for mass action.’

“It is therefore deplorable that one presidential aspirant is now resorting to use colossal sums of money whose source is not well known, to protest.

“FIFA is the world governing body and as such have the full authority over any matter related to football in territories affiliated to it. Moreover, member associations including having an obligation to follow statues, decisions and directives of FIFA as envisaged under Article 13 of the FIFA Statures,” the federation asserted.

Last week, Mwendwa called for the correspondence between the national body and FIFA that led to the directive to stick to the rules of the 2011 polls to be made public.

He read mischief that only contents of the letter by acting FIFA Secretary General, Markus Katter, were made public yet the letter addressed to federation boss, Sam Nyamweya started with “We refer to the recent exchanges”.

FKF reaffirmed its commitment to conducting “a free, fair and transparent election as underscored by the decision to have National Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to oversee the elections.”

“The aspirant who is complaining has been involved at every stage in the process of adopting elections rules and guidelines as well as the appointment of the Elections and Appeals Boards.

“For him to turn around and feign ignorance of matters and allude foul play is pretentious and should be treated with the contempt it deserves,” FKF added.

“We confirm that the process of vetting the club’s list as presented to the National Secretariat by branches and sub-branches is underway and it will involve thorough scrutiny of the names presented to ensure only genuine clubs have the chance to participate in the elections.”