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Guru Nanak in police checks to curb drunken fans


NAIROBI, Kenya, November 18- Those intending to turn Sunday’s Guru Nanak Rally into an excuse to get hammered on booze and drunken driving stand warned.

Organisers Sikh Union will place police checks for all spectators accessing the rally venues in a bid to stamp out the practice of binge drinking and reckless driving by intoxicated fans gathering to watch the event.

“We shall have a number of checks for all spectators accessing the rally venues and I pity those who will not comply with the new rules as they will find themselves in custody,” cautioned Pipi Renu who is in charge of marshals.

They hope the punitive new traffic regulations where sanctions for speeding, driving under the influence or causing death could lead to fines ranging from Sh10,000 to Sh500,000 and jail terms starting for three months to life or both will act as deterrents to those who have turned watching rallies turn to a death trap.

Rally navigator and a member of the Motorsports Safety Commission Julius Ngigi, on his part called on spectators to exercise restrain during the 33rd Guru Nanak Rally that will run in Kedong and Suswa.

“For those of you have not read the new traffic rules, please do so as drinking and careless driving could land you in deep trouble if caught by police,” said Ngigi who navigates Azar Anwar.

“The Guru Nanak edition this year will serve as a very good example to those drunken fans who continue to lose their life as a result of drinking and careless driving,” added Renu.

The KCB Guru Nanak will be flagged off at the bank’s Kikuyu branch from 8am with scrutineering continues at Sikh Union Club on Forest Road on Saturday.

Integrated communication firm Safaricom have entered five cars for the season ending round with team member Nzioka Waita upbeat after reconnaissance.

“Yes, we are hoping to put the mechanical issues from the Eldoret rally behind us and we are aiming for a strong finish to the season-ender,” he enthused.

Adnan Din and Stuart Cohen are among star attractions in the SPV (Specially Prepared Cars) class expected to rekindle the memories of Ian Duncan’s massive Pick-ups which reigned supreme in Kenya National Rally Championships a few years back.

Besides Haq, other Rally Raid bigwigs lined up for Guru Nanak include Eric Bengi who will be coming with a Land Rover Discovery and Nish Lakhani who will be steering a car christened ‘Kenya Cat’ one of the non-homologated cars in the event.

Lakhani is the defending champion in the Car Class.
Haq and Cohen, who will be competing in a Land Rover Ebowler, captured the imaginations of many when they won the season-closing Raid at the same setting (Kedong) and should have something up their sleeves to make yet another breakthrough.