Lawyer in trouble over fake Faisal order

January 26, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, January 26 – A lawyer for Muslim Human Rights Forum official Al-Amin Kimathi is now facing a dilemma after being accused of serving the Attorney General and the Immigration Department with false orders.

Lawyer Mureithi Mbugua has been ordered to explain how he ended up serving the order indicating that the court had blocked the deportation of Jamaican cleric Abdullah El-Faisal, when no such directive had been issued.

Justice Jean Gacheche who had been handling the case has directed Mr Mbugua and his clerk Evan Mberesia to file an affidavit detailing how they obtained a false court order.

The court has subsequently declined to have the case taken until the anomaly is explained. Mr Kimathi had wanted the matter struck out since El-Faisal has already been deported.

“I apply to withdraw this matter. We have now established that the subject of this matter has indeed been deported and is out of this court’s jurisdiction,” Mbugua Mureithi said.

The existence of the false order was brought to the attention of the court by Senior State Counsel Edwin Okello who argues that the court only ordered El-Faisal’s production in court but did not block his deportation.

The matter will now be back in court on February 3.

The controversial cleric was spirited out of the country last Thursday.


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