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AK release elections guidelines


NAIROBI, Kenya, February 1- Athletics Kenya (AK) on Thursday published the guidelines for their delayed electoral process that kicks off on Feb.20.KIPLAGAT-OKEYO

The federation is seeking new officials to govern the sport that has brought Kenya global acclaim although the third deferment of the national elections in as many months has led to some quarters to question the motive.

Long serving national chairman, Isaiah Kiplagat, secretary general, David Okeyo and Treasurer Joseph Kinyua are expected to once again run for the top positions although they have not yet formally declared their candidatures.

Under the federation’s new constitution, the post of secretary general has been abolished with a CEO set to be appointed in a competitive process to run the day to day affairs of AK.

Okeyo is said to be gunning for one of the four vice-presidents slots created in the new dispensation up from the current two occupied by Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Jack Tuwei and Paul Mutwii.

According to the published guidelines, only holders of national executive offices will have individual voting rights with similar officials at the previous regional and institutional level not eligible to cast ballots.

“In view of the re-organization of the Regions and Institutions resulting in the creation of new regions and institutions, members of the outgoing Regional Executive Committees shall not be entitled to vote in the elections in their capacities as such members of Executive Committees.

“They shall however be entitled to participate in the elections in their individual capacities at the appropriate levels provided they are registered members or elected delegates,” the guidelines read in part.

The voting rights at lower cadres of the federation’s governing structure have instead been vested on registered members.

“Subject to sub-section 2, a registered member of a Regional Member or Institution shall exercise the right to vote at the Annual General Meting of the Regional or Institution member at the appropriate level,” the electoral rules stated.

Each region will vote a chairman, two vice-chairmen, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, an assistant treasurer, public relations officer and three members.

Only the chair, secretary and treasurer will be allowed as voting delegates for the immediate tier above them with a quorum of at least 24 members required to vote in a regional office.

“There shall be elections at constituency, county and regional level save for Nairobi County where there will be elections at constituency and county/regional level only. Elections for the Universities shall involve both Public and Private Universities,” the federation explained.

The new regions have been crafted to conform to the country’s new constitution that came to effect on August 10.

On Tuesday, Kiplagat announced that about 2,000 members had registered with the federation with the list sent out to various regions to be verified while explaining the postponement of the elections where the national polls will be held on February 27.

“Our constitution has not been published and sent to the regions for the members there to lead and understand. We do not want anybody to have a raw deal so we are giving them time,” the administrator who has been at the helm of AK since 1992 said.