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You have until Sunday 8pm to travel to locked counties: Govt

NAIROBI, Kenya Mar 27- The government has eased the lockdown restrictions issued Friday by President Uhuru Kenyatta to enable anyone caught off-guard to travel.

Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna said the restrictions for travel in the five counties zoned areas will be relaxed until Sunday 8pm.

This is to enable anyone locked out of their areas to travel before strict enforcement starts. The measures which also include closing bars and reviewing the night curfew time were put in place to help curb the rising COVID-19 infections in the country.

But even as he spoke, police had already erected roadblocks in the affected boundaries in line with President Kenyatta’s directive.

Under Kenyatta’s directive, Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Kajiado and Nakuru are zoned as one region with restrictions into and out.

Below is Oguna’s full statement that sought to clarify the Public Order No 2 of 2021 on COVID-19 containment measures issued by the President.

For better adherence to the containment measures enumerated in the Public Order above, we wish to clarify and offer more details on certain issues:

  1. Restriction of all Movement by road, rail, and air in and out of the Counties of Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado, Kiambu and Nakuru. We wish to clarify that these five Counties have been grouped together into One Zone.

Movement is therefore restricted from other Counties into the Zone or from inside the Zone to other Counties. Road blocks will be mounted at strategic locations to monitor movement as follows:

a. Kiambu County
o At Nachu along Ngong Suswa Road.
o At Mahi Mahiu near Catholic Church along Mahi Mahiu-Nairobi Road.
o At Mathore/Soko Mjinga at the border with Nakuru County area Lari Sub County along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.
o At Gakoe area in Gatundu North along the Forest Road running from Nyandarua to Kiambu.
o At Blue Post in Thika west along Nairobi-Nyeri road
o At Gateiguru market along Makuyu-Gateiguru Road in Thika East.

b. Kajiado County
o At Isinya along Konza-Isinya road within Isinya Sub County.
o At Railway Bridge Stone Athi along Lukenya- Kitengela road in Isinya Sub County.
o At Njugini bridge (Loitoktok) Ilasit-Rombo Road within Kajiado South.
o At Tsavo Gate Loitoktok-Intilal Road within Kajiado South.
o At Ilasit along Tanzania-Kenya border in Kajiado South.
o At Kiu along Makueni-Mashuru Road.
o At Emali SGR Underpass.
o At Flyover Loitoktok Junction Masimba.
o At Kiboko area off Nairobi-Mombasa Road Mashuru Sub County.
o At Kibiko area Suswa-Ngong Road within Kajiado North Sub County.
o At Vet farm along Narok-Ngong Road through Kikuyu-Kajiado North Sub County.

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c. Machakos County
o At Katumani Machakos junction along Mombasa- Nairobi Road within Athi River Sub County.
o At Katuaa along Machakos-Wote Road within Machakos County.
o At Kali along Machakos-Mbooni Road, Machakos Sub County.
o At Kwa Mutisya along Kimutwa-Kwa Mutisya road within Machakos Sub County.
o At Kavumbu along Masii-Tawa Road within Mwala Sub County.
o At Mbaikini-Muthetheni-Ikalaasa Road within Mwala Sub County.
o At Tiva bridge along Machakos-Kitui Road within Yatta Sub-County.
o At Kambi La Mawe along Ndalani-Kambi Mawe, Kaloleni Road within Yatta Sub County.
o At Kavingo along Kyua-Kanyangi Road within Yatta Sub County.
o At Kaburu Dam along Embu-Kanyonyo Road within Yatta Sub County.

d. Nakuru County
o At Mai Mahiu, along Mai Mahiu-Nairobi Road.
o At Kinungi Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.
o At Karunga Market, along Gilgil-Olkalau Road.
o At Subukia along Nyahururu-Nyeri Road.
o At Mau Summit from both Kericho and Eldoret.
o At Kericho/Molo Junction into Molo Town.
o At Mau Narok, Mwisho wa Lami.
o At Kambi ya Moto along Baringo/Nakuru Road.
o At Dondori Market, entering through Lanet.

e. Nairobi County
Nairobi County, sandwiched between Kiambu, Machakos and Kajiado Counties will not have roadblocks to monitor restriction of movement. However, Regional Police Commander may mount roadblocks to enforce other security and COVID-19 containment measures.

  1. Transition Period: We are aware that some of our people may have been locked in and out of the Zoned Area. For those affected, the Government has allowed for transition period until tomorrow 28th March 2021 outside the curfew period. This applies to college students as well.

On the other hand, individuals who had bought SGR or airplane tickets are allowed to use them between today and next Monday 29th March 2021 by mid-day, a time upon which SGR and domestic flights in and out of the Zoned area shall be suspended.

  1. Passes: Individuals who are holders of curfew passes will continue to use the old passes until new ones are issued by Tuesday next week. The procedure of application for new passes remain the same. This applies to healthcare workers, and Journalists, among others.
  2. Work shifts: Enterprises whose work force are deployed in double shifts (day and night) such as factories and construction are not affected by the new measures. Operations of such companies will continue uninterrupted.
  3. Flights: All domestic flights in and out of the Zoned area will be suspended from 29th March 2021 mid-day. International flights are however exempt from this, but international travellers must observe all COVID-19 protocols, which include possessing a COVID-19 negative certificate obtained within 96 hours before travel. Tourists who are coming to Kenya or had booked to travel to Kenya are urged not to cancel their bookings.

They are only required to have the COVID-19 negative certificate, and upon getting to Nairobi, they can hire private plane to their destinations in the country upon clearance by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCA).

  1. Specialized treatment: Cases of individuals seeking specialized treatment within the Zoned area will be addressed on a case by case basis upon proof of referral and obtaining clearance from the nearest Police Commander. The same applies for transportation of caskets, which must be disposed of within 72 hours.
  2. Sporting Activities: These remain suspended until further notice.
  3. Physical gatherings for worship in churches and mosques: These have been suspended within the zoned area. However, physical gatherings for worship can go on in the other Counties while observing the 1/3 capacity rule and other COVID-19 containment measures.

These measures may be inconveniencing and even disruptive to our livelihoods and activities. However, life is sacred, and we must protect it at all cost.

The pain and anguish that COVID-19 has visited on many of us should be enough reason for us to work together to contain it.

Let us be each other’s keeper by wearing our masks, washing and sanitizing our hands regularly, avoiding crowded areas, and maintaining social distancing. Let us persevere as we collectively combat this pandemic to enable us go back to as normal lives as soon as possible.


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