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Welbeck: ‘I’ve improved as a Gunner’


WELBECK-MISSLONDON, March 7- Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final against Manchester United, striker Danny Welbeck believes he has improved since joining the Gunners and wants to build on his progress.

The 24 year old made a high-profile £16 million move from the Red Devils on deadline day in September and feels like he has grown as a footballer since making the switch, but would like to have an even greater impact.

“I think it’s gone OK,” Welbeck told reporters.

“I wish to do a lot more, definitely will do and it’s something I want to build on and keep progressing. But I feel like I’ve improved.

“It’s different going from one team to another, settling in and once you get past that stage you want to keep pushing on and get a second to none understanding with team mates on the pitch.

“Once you build that relationship on the pitch, things will only get better.

“There’s so many good players at Arsenal. Obviously training every single day, you get to know them better.

“You get to know what they like to do, what side they like to go on, where to play passes through and so on.”

The striker has come in for some criticism for his relatively low scoring rate, with some suggesting it is the reason he hasn’t played in either of Arsenal’s last two fixtures.

However, he has received the backing of his manager Arsene Wenger who revealed that he believes Welbeck is “an incredible player”.

“Danny puts a big effort in, he plays very well for me and is an exceptional player who will have a great future here,’ Wenger said.

“I am convinced the subject is raised because he is a former United player.

I am very, very happy that I bought him. He’s one of the players who has played the most games for us but not in the last couple of games.”