23 MPs back Kenya PM

December 2, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 2 – Twenty three Members of Parliament have dared critics of Prime Minister Raila Odinga to go ahead with a planned Motion of No-Confidence.

Mwatate MP Calist Mwatela who read a statement at Parliament buildings in the company of the lawmakers, said they back efforts by the PM to restore the Mau forest.

“Motions require a vote in Parliament.  Anyone who wishes to introduce a Motion in the House is free to do so,” he said.

He added that the Orange Democratic Movement backs efforts by the PM to conserve the environment.

“We particularly want to express support for the Prime Minister in his bid to save the country from the disaster of environmental degradation and restore our water towers,” the statement by the MPs said.

The lawmakers said they were concerned about roadblocks being erected on Mr Odinga’s path as he seeks to implement a national agenda to which ODM is clearly committed.

“In chapter 16 of our campaign manifesto titled ‘Saving our Environment’ we promised Kenyans that “we will combat escalating environmental desertification and degradation by ensuring that environmental protection is built into every economic decision in all areas of government policy.”

They said the party had made a commitment to conserve water towers including Mount Kenya, the Mau, Mt Elgon, the Aberdares and Cherengany Hills.

“We commend the Prime Minister for sticking to this agenda, which is no longer a party issue but clearly a national agenda,” the MPs said.

The lawmakers who included allies of Cabinet Minister William Ruto further said there is nothing sinister about a rally planned for this Saturday in Najib Balala’s Mvita constituency that is to be addressed by Mr Odinga.

“The Tononoka ground is in Kenya and is for use by Kenyans. We will be using it as Kenyans.  Balala is our brother and we are working with him,” Mr Mwatela said.

Mr Balala is among those perceived to be on a war path with the PM.

He added that there were laid down procedures for dealing with party disputes.

“We wish to ask party members who have issues with the party or its leadership, to use appropriate channels, including the PG (Parliamentary Group) and NEC (National Executive Committee) and not public rallies to put these issues on the table.”


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