Tutu wants more


JOHANNESBURG, July 12- Archbishop Desmond Tutu Monday encouraged South Africans to build on the infrastructure and social cohesion brought by hosting the World Cup to help the poor."The challenge, now, is to ensure that the infrastructure that has been developed, particularly the transport infrastructure, benefits all South Africans, especially the poor.

"We must roll up our sleeves and build homes and classrooms and clinics like never before. We have proved to ourselves we can do anything we set our minds to," said Tutu in a statement.

The Nobel laureate also praised South Africans for rising up to the occassion and being good hosts.

"We have bedazzled ourselves, and the world, with our warmth, efficiency, beauty and our promise. We have covered ourselves in glory. Never before have we experienced this overwhelming joy of unity in purpose," he said.

With the country tallying up the economic benefits of the tournament Tutu said social cohesion was also an advantage.

"People do not live by bread alone. The value of creating an environment in which we felt we literally felt we could touch the stars is inestimable. Our hearts have been filled with joy and our chests swollen with pride. It’s as if we are on the cusp of a new, New South Africa," he said.