Kenyan killers of British geologist get 40-year sentences

December 18, 2014 4:58 pm

, Mombasa, Kenya – A Kenyan court sentenced four men to 40-year jail terms Thursday for the 2009 murder of a British geologist.

Campbell Bridges, who was aged 75, ran a mining firm in the southern Wundanyi area. He was killed in August 2009 following a dispute with local residents over mining rights.

The police said he was attacked with bows and arrows.

The prosecution had asked for his killers to be given the death sentence. But the court in the port city of Mombasa declined, pointing to the fact that the question of whether the death penalty is mandatory in such cases is currently under judicial review.

Three other people charged in connection with the case were cleared for lack of evidence.

Bridges’s family welcomed the verdict.


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