Marsabit leaders to be fined for conflict

February 6, 2014 3:49 pm


Mediator Kaparo says the leaders face fines of Sh5 million if the conflict continues/FILE
Mediator Kaparo says the leaders face fines of Sh5 million if the conflict continues/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 6 – Leaders from Marsabit County have been warned they risk paying hefty fines if attacks in the region continue.

Former National Assembly Speaker Francis ole Kaparo who was on Wednesday appointed as mediator to the conflict explained that the fines will be used as compensation if an order to end hostilities is not heeded.

“Whoever contravenes the order will have to pay a fine of Sh5 million to the community that has been wronged in accordance with the conflict resolutions traditions,” he cautioned.

After a consultative meeting on Thursday, Kaparo told members of the media that leaders from the area will make a tour of the region to dialogue further with locals.

“The leaders will from February 7 visit the affected areas to access the damages and hold meetings with the communities concerned.”

“The forums main aim is to address the root cause of the conflict with a view to provide a long lasting and equitable solution to the conflict,” said the former National Assembly Speaker.

Kaparo also warned youths from the communities to desist from channelling their grievances through social media.

“Youth from the area have turned to Facebook and Twitter as a means of inciting others; this is only escalating the conflict.”

“I urge them to stop doing so as to allow the ongoing peace initiative to bear fruit,” he added.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday appointed Kaparo, and Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji to mediate between the warring groups in Marsabit County and report back to him within a week.

The President picked the two when he hosted leaders from communities in Marsabit County at State House for peace talks to end the crisis.

“My administration will not sit back and watch as insecurity reigns. It is your responsibility to ensure peace in the county,” the President told the leaders.

He said the negotiations are the last chance his government was giving the leaders of Marsabit to end the conflict, saying the leaders cannot be allowed to continue bickering while citizens were losing lives.

The President assured the leaders that the government will provide an office and a secretariat to facilitate the negotiations.

He warned that if the negotiations fail, all measures will be taken to ensure peace returns to Marsabit, including presenting a proposal to Parliament on how that should be done.



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