Man hangs himself over daughter’s dowry

December 22, 2010 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Dec 22 – A 53-year-old farmer has hanged himself after he discovered that his wife had married off their 25-year-old daughter and taken bride price behind his back.

The incident occurred at Kiambogo village of Karandi location in Laikipia West district when the man returned home only to be told that her daughter had now been married off.

Confirming the incident, the area chief Philip Kipkorir said William Serem\’s beautiful daughter had come home last weekend with a man and scores of his relatives whom she introduced to the parents as her husband to be.

The chief said the family had been notified earlier by their daughter of the intended visit and arrangements to receive and host the "in- laws" in accordance with the Kalenjin tradition.

"The guests dined and wined to their full. The evening came and were about to leave when the head of the family broke the silence and wanted to know how prepared they were to kick off the dowry payment process," said the chief.

But elders who had accompanied the groom were astonished and said they had come several times earlier where they did the needful and sealed the deal with his wife. The bride\’s dad fumed and a heated argument ensued.

Mr Serem left throwing his arms in the air in disappointment saying how he wished that the world would break apart and swallow him if his own daughter\’s bride price would be spent without his involvement.

As the guests left, the man is believed to have bought a rope at the nearby Karandi shopping center.

The chief said the deceased failed to return home only for his body to be found dangling on a mango tree early in the morning by passersby.

A report was made at Kinamba police station and his body removed to Nyahururu Hospital mortuary where it is being preserved awaiting burial.

While addressing the residents, the chief adviced parents to involve their family members while making such key decisions to avert similar incidents.


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