Mudavadi picks UDF, resigns as minister

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 2 – Musalia Mudavadi has quit the Local Government Ministry and his position as deputy leader of the Orange Democratic Movement, as he hopped onto the United Democratic Forum (UDF) in readiness to contest the presidency.

He however announced that he would remain as a Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Sabatia constituency.

He said that he chose UDF as it shares his aspirations and those of Kenyans.

“I, Musalia Mudavadi wish to announce that I will be offering myself as a candidate for the office of President of the Republic of Kenya on the ticket of The United Democratic Forum Party at the next elections,” he said amid cheers from supporters.

“Even as I applied myself to the challenges of making a new home, I have deeply reflected on the positions I hold in the party and in government on behalf of Kenyans. I have resolved to resign as the ODM Deputy Party Leader and as the Minister for Local Government,” he added.

He said he had decided to quit ODM following his belief that the party was becoming undemocratic. He insisted that he read a systematic plot by the party not to amend the constitution after the legal committee failed to meet and deliberate on the amendments and the fact that the party wanted to tie amendments to the Political Parties Act.

“I have said and repeat that internal democracy in political parties is as important as the practice of democratic governance is in government. You know what to expect of your government if your party of choice is ready and willing to practice internal democracy,” he said.

He insisted that he left ODM because he did not want to be time barred to compete within the party or leave the party outside of the timelines provided for in the Elections Act.

An ODM National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting before Easter settled on amending Article 6 and providing for nominations at the county level. The legal committee was instructed to burn the midnight oil over Easter and provide the amendments before the party filed for compliance with the Registrar of Political Parties.

“The legal committee never met and on the Tuesday after Easter, the secretariat presented the old constitution for full registration…it is at this point that it became apparent that there was a systematic plot; not to amend the constitution and tie the process under Section 20 of the Political Parties Act,” said Mudavadi at a breakfast meeting before his launch.

Section 20 of the Political Parties Act provides that a party intending to amend its constitution: “Shall notify the registrar of its intention and the registrar shall, within fourteen days after the receipt of the notification, cause a notice of the intended change or alteration to be published in the gazette.”

Further, the party giving notification is expected to publish such notification in at least two daily newspapers having nationwide circulation.

Upon the expiry of 30 days from the date of publication of the notice the political party may, after taking into account any representations received from the public under subsection effect the change or alteration in accordance with its constitution and rules.

It is these stringent requirements that got Mudavadi thinking of a move out as well as the possibility of a court injunction that could prevent the party from amending its constitution which guaranteed the party leader Raila Odinga the automatic nomination for the presidency.

Mudavadi said: “In this game of politics you do not start taking chances; goodwill is important but intrigue can also have its way.”

He says that his new party will strive to address issues affecting the local Kenyan in the education sector, job creation and the building of an accountable and transparent governance structure.

“We will not be in the business of appropriating for ourselves the Constitution. UDF is committed to implementing the spirit and letter of the Constitution as desired and mandated by Kenyans. We stand for accountable and transparent systems and institutions in Kenya,” he reiterated indicating that he will hold his first rally in Nakuru over the weekend.

Mudavadi was accompanied to the function by his wife Tessie, UDF allied MPs Abdikadir Mohamed, George Nyamweya, Katoo ole Metito, Jeremiah Kioni as well as lawmakers Najib Balala, George Khaniri, Yusuf Chanzu and Justus Kizito.

Cabinet Minister Soita Shitanda who is the New Ford Kenya Party leader as well as his party colleague Boni Khalwale were also present.

Others leaders in attendance were Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat, former minister Mukhisa Kituyi and former Vihiga MP Andrew Ligale.

  • Martin Bundi Inoti

    What’s breaking news!!! 

    • Gideon Maviti

      The guy is the next president of this country…… and see how events will start unfold

      • musa

        thats true man all this guys with negative comments are feeling his heat 

    • Chelseamcennah

      i asked maself the same

      • mtetezi

        This is the guy to face RAO on run-off (Assisted by G7 since you can see the G7 burgers  are already partying)….. RAO is also a great  Schemer (MF).. Its going to be a  great movie man….. (No one knows what may happen then)…. I am watching the space…you should too…… 

  • Kenya

    MM should have been bold enough to do thing in a different way and that would mean also quiting as the DPM, he is just proving to be a PNU turncoat. 

    • Jasankibaki

      The next to be HIS EXELLENCY

  • Anons

    This is not news. it was expected


    Brilliant ! This is the way forward MM.You will surely be the next Prezo, lakini fanya ka Gym kidogo upunguze ka kitambi..this will appeal to our ladies.

    • Pieretindojamach

      let’s wait n see

  • Chiloligeoffrey


  • francis sikote

    i wish him well whwat real change does mudavadi represent.

  • Jmuhambi

    Its time for the real change in government. MM has what it takes to be our next president….. Go for it brother we will support you. 

    • Chieffkoko

      who are these ”we” a know you have only one vote, so dont talk of wat you dont have.

  • Livondo

    na sasa kunguru imekula panzi moja. own goal scored. project mudavadi has finally revealed itself. stage is now set for real hard politik. democracy? where is democracy in this move? as rao always reminds the masses…wengine wanajichagulia wenyenye…hawataki kupambana wachagulliwe. is there internal democrazy in mm’s udf outfit? who are the contestants? where/when is the nominations? kenyans will not be shocked when another person jumps into the party nominations fray and you start sulking again.

    • Pratt

      This so called Rao is on steep descend. The hope you have in him would soon turn in to gloom. If he had lost so many political heavy weights, who propelled him close to winning, in a span of 4 years, what would you expect from him laden with empties now? Forget about the self-serving false opinion polls. His situation can only be compared with swift soil erosion on a steep hill during the the el-nino! And once the area is reduced to a barren stone, somebody comes around to claim that same same stone is the most fertile area in the region! Only a dimwit can buy that. 

      • aluko

        Not much is said about your man, Kalonzo – “wiped” out?

        • Erastus


        • Pratt

          VP Kalonzo remains another coolest of all pal. Decent people dont cause waves my friend, they keep their eyes firmly fixed on the prize. They dont move from one empty drama to another. They are not assisted by tribal media in those self-destructive dramas. If thats what you call real politics fellow, I guess you are reading from the same script as this now toothless bulldog from the lake. The end has arrived, but guess what? The character is still in a fighting mood! Some times you are forgiven for thinking that the guy is politically cursed. Then you remember he wallowed in neck-deep blood of innocent Kenyans to become a do-nothing nothing! He then abused church leaders during the referendum campaigns for constitution. And again he used lies to assault decent people like Kalonzo. Then mocked their religious faith. Now he is up in arms against another promising Kenyan son. At that point is when you realize the curse is all laid out pal. Its unfortunate indeed. However, you reap what you sow. Somebody has invested so much in lies and lies alone. Lies are sins pal and as the Holy Bible says, wages of sin is death pal. What are we supposed to do my friend, still keep the illogical heat on Kalonzo? Its truly a pitty! 

      • Amkatwende

         They are not political heavyweights, they are ethnic barons and entrepreneurs, he who has most of them wins. I pity Kenyans. Actually if your intelligence informs you that we have ever participated in an electoral process as a nation-state, reconsult your intellect. we vote along majimboist pursuations since 1963

        • Pratt

          You might be making some sense but far off from reality. Either you are trying to insulate somebody or simply escaping from reality. Theories that dont reflect reality are not worth putting on the table. Practicality of issues is the key pal. I dont want to pretend merchant of deceit is as strong as ever when reality is the opposite. We call that self-dilusion dear!

      • Chieffkoko

        now can you tell us something about MUDAVADI ?

        • Pratt

          Hon. Mudavadi remains the coolest of all. Merchants of deceit have been left holding on worthless straws. You can say with certainty that the end for them has just began. For Mudavadi, start of better things is truly in the offing.

  • jasondu

    You shall know them by the kind of company they keep ! Bring on a team not sycophants………….

  • Barasa Lumuli

    Don’t think you own Luhya votes. We are dynamic and don’t just follow pple because they come from our backyard

    • Omariba

      The problem with Luhyas is you don’t support your own blood, then you start saying “tunaomba serikali” when you can be the serikali.

      You’re the kind of people who spoil luhya’s name.

      • Tiptip

         Stop pleading for tribal alignment. You mess up this nation by crying for tribal grouping.You now talk of blood as if some tribes have black or white blood.Give us a break.

      • Barasa Lumuli

        Listen Bw. Omariba, I don’t care about tribal grouping. Coming together so that you stop so and so becoming a president is nonsense and has nothing to do with Luhya community.

  • Mbemba Nziu

    LIKE IT YOU DON’T MUSALIA MUDAVADI IS THE NEXT PORK (President of the republick of Kenya).


  • Tiptip

    No News. UDF was formed by Abdikadir to propel Uhuru to Presidency. This is an indication of political collusion taking us back to 2002 when the Duo were defeated.Where does it leave Eugine and Ruto ? It will be real politics as chaffs collect themselves to a corner.G7 will be Rosy until one breaks from the rest.

  • kimenderotumbili

    What is natioan there! two future election loser,one nominated mp & abunch of Maragoli wannabes!

    • Gitahi Njeri

      I doubt whether you use your brain…did you have to refer to MPs by their tribes…It just shows that you are the worst tribalist on earth

  • kimenderotumbili

    It has actually been confirmed that you are alight weight……those are the face of kenya you could assemble! get serious! who can deliver ten thousand  votes amongst those people!

  • Ndwara

    kwenda kabisa, What is UDF? That one has its owners. I only wish you could have gone to Kanu and play a second fiddle. UDF is nothing. The other Luhya Mps accompanying you are lost and they have now finished with you because they have their slow moving parties to sell.  

  • Nixauu

    mudavadi is alwys a jocker…a project etc….he cant be the prezzo of kenya..he has no reform credentials infact goldenberge and cemetry scandal…hhahahahaha ….i pity the voters…who never learn 

  • kimenderotumbili

    Party  sounds like Foday Sankoh,s RUF!

  • Zongo

    Is there guarantee that he’ll be the UDF presidential candidate. If assured is that democracy he’s seeking. Very interesting.



  • James

    What a great leap? Not even political party on his name…more of a vegetable than a man. Used to so much joyride and getting things easy……HE WILL NEVER SEE WHAT HE WANTS…what a breakthrough for the opponents…. 

  • merlinjr

    and the significance of other mps’ from his community from other partys and even Mukhisa Kituyi who i had hoped was beyond tribal affiliation show in the end he is just a Tribal Lord

  • Jacoduor83

    I could just me well and good and if not then am sorry.My brother MM the only place you could survive politically was in ODM and now that you have left this means that you are gone and belieave me you are gone for good in this political arena.Talking of democracy?Oh give mea break.What about INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNATIBLITY?I hope you can open rescind bro.We Kenyans are not stupid.

  • Jacoduor83

    before you enter into the race tell us first where is the Goldenberg and cemetry cash.Don’t be a liar.You are the failed project.You have just proved yourself ,you are being used for the second time and your eyes cannot see.You are  going to regret.

  • Mutaikipkoskei

    If  Mudavadi wants to be the president, then then he is for all kenyans and not luhyas.And his decision must come from his heart as a Kenyan.N’ way lets and c afta vetting of presidential candidates has been done.

  • Mainamary2322

    thats gud 4 muavadi its a new forum new party hoiyee mudavandi

  • Wanderahenry

    Mudavadi has never fought for democracy and may not be understanding what it is.

  • Yahala

    Mudavadi as a sympathizer of the accused cannot win majority votes.
    If he could not win Raila in his own province I dont know how can he defeat Raila.
    May be through rigging like the way Kibaki did.
    Let me at the ballot box.

  • Josiah

    Between i doubt whether youve got balls of steel to withstand the kenyan political terrain. so Juniour party officials have been insulting you and you keep keep Quite.For sure i dont need a cry baby for a president that i can tell you for free.Anyway all the best but rem all those G7 sympathysers assembled in your meeting were not there as your supporters or had got nothing to do with you but to fight a different battle.Take that to your banker credit section.

  • Barasa Lumuli

    Even if my eyes were closed, I won’t vote for you.

  • Karisasi

    UDF!!.Yaani amekosa chame anaenda huko!.
    UDF – Uganda Defense Force!!.

  • Dfundia

    Life is about taking risks. Risk averse never grows you. Instead it demeans you. Better try than wish. Mudavadi has made the best move. national outlook. The critics are in for a shock. Just because he differed with rao does not you demonise him. Remember, however much we talk, what counts is the D – day. Thank you.

  • kembma

    Those who acompanied you were loosers,others nominated mps and alot of maragolis, where do you think they will take you ndugu yangu,ODM was best for you,if you want our votes ;return  golden money and pesa za makaburi.Raila is the man to beat.

  • Kiagemoses

    welcome musalia

  • Sohelu07

    What a major announcement and breaking news? And what a major gathering of tribal kings from all the the communities in Kenya. And what a group representing not only the face of Kenya but all communities in the country and from all the 47 counties. Since MM is such a serious presidential contender, he decided to resign as the Minister for Local Government and the Deputy Prime Minister. He also resigned as the MP for Sabatia to contest again on UDFP ticket since he is a serious man of integrity and accountability not withstanding the small issues of Goldernberg and Cementry deals. The list of big shots at the unveiling, or was it launching, of project MM or UDFP was just unbelievable. It was led by non other than Chief Najib Balala, he of the Nini Jibu, he who was asking for being sacked until it came and starting crying and complaining. We hear he is a little weight, development unconcious and may not win even the post of a door elder in the next election. Anyway just a thought and you will agree with me that it is better to be quiet in politics, built a name beyond your sub-tribe, plan well and put God before everything else. Internal democracy, oh no, is there no internal democracy in UDFP – this guy is simply joking and is not going far with his presidential ambitions. How bright, blind and short-lighted as people can be bits a rural man like me. Anyway if you don’t want anything, you will never get it. That is MM. Sam Muhando, Vihiga

  • Pratt

    While I sincerely congratulate Hon. Mudavadi for seeing the real light and realizing that he was constantly “under terror”, am already beginning to question his judgement. First, he allowed the thunder to be taken out of him, by keeping us waiting forever, then he resigns from his ministry for no apparent reason. What was the basis for that or he is afraid of being fired? Raila has no power to fire anybody. He literally begs to have people fired in exchange of poisoned charlets! Needless to say, all Odm ministries are not Raila’s property, for they were obtained through a collective campaign, if not murderous acts!, that involved community guarantees. Mudavavi happened to be one of those guarantees. However, what amuses me is that the much talked about “wide consultation” seems to have been no more than empty soul-searching! Mudavadi was supposed to ship out when he had already laid out his plans. But all indications are that he hardly had anything on his hands when he started talking of quiting what he now calls “terror party”. Thats where the catch is for you cant be that disorganized and hope to lead the country. And if he hopes youth would help him to scale the ladder, he is dead mistaken. By the way, going for the presidency is certainly not like going for sports, the youth preserve! It involved steel nerves that Hon. Mudavadi is failing to display. We wish him well but he seems to have a clear false start.   

  • elly wabwoba

    Ati offering yourself for the presidency on UDF ticket? There MUST be nominations at the counties! That was your sword in ODM, die by it! And, welcome to politics, MM! Tinga could just give you the perfect medicine, William Ruto reclaiming his position as deputy party leader!
    At least WR was wiser, he never resigned as ODM deputy party leader.
    As of votes, sorry, from Nyang’ori, Gambogi, Mbale, Stendi Kisa, Chavakali…it is RAO.
    THEY lied to you ati utakuwa compromise candidate. Never.

  • Nash

    Mudavadi is proving to be a serious chap.  He has the guts to quit as Local Government Minister a year to the election?  I will give him my vote!!!

  • Peter Odems

    I come from western Kenya but even If I was given a government post I would not waste time voting for a man who is directionless, a man whose character is hidden to himself. What a pity for a man claiming that he standard for democracy yet he clearlychooses a party that will deny Kenyas what he claims he stands for. Mudavadi is a looser

  • Mazzdark

    Question is will he allow someone to challenge him for the position of presidential candidate in UDF or is it his now by right? And by the way, UDF is not recognised by Kenya Reconciliation Accord, he needs to quit as DPM.

  • Muyaonyango

    Tafadhali Mashemeji Wacheni Matusi. Ata Tinga iko na maneno ya Mahindi, Mafuta, Molases plant na kadhalika.

  • Muyaonyango

    Any serious Presidential contender is invited in UDF including Mr. Raila. Nomination can only exist where there exit many candidates as it was in ODM during Mudavadi’s time.

  • Wanyamae

    As a Luhya I can say our Mudavadi was ill advised and his shift to Uganda Defense Force will cost him dearly.
    Mudavadi should shave his mustache and forget about being the president of this country.

    • Jack_Abondo

      ugandan defence have made my evening!

  • Transcend Scribe

    This is ODM’s calculated move for a re-merger after the 1st round of elections [cos a run-off seems unavoidable].
    By MM mainatining the DPM’s post, RAO’s arithmetic of portfolio balance in the Grand Coalition will now work out.
    MM will be replaced as a minister, but cabinet positions will now be equal to those of Kibaki’s PNU. Watch this space…..

  • michael


  • Tuseme Kweli

    According to the Newton’s third law of physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The magnitude of attacks on Mudavadi’s candidacy is a testament of the  jitters that his declared run at the presidency has created on the political road to state house. Mudavadi has an extensive  public record in critical ministries including the DPM and Vice Presidential position.Instaed of aiming personalized attacks on Mudavadi,it is better for the public to have an objective view of his extensive period in government and make it the basis of his assesement for suitability to lead Kenya post Kibaki era.
    Every politician on the kenyan landscape , including President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga ,are sorrounded by some  individuals with questionable past and unless we begin to apply the same standard of questioning the presence of all dubious indiduals around all politicinas, Mudavadi should not be faulted for the presence of any person showing up at his political functions.
    Finally the country is not short of scandals, and we should therefore not have selective amnesia when discussing scandals of the yesteryears. The Ndugu Report on land whose implementation was block by some politicians should be revisited. Dr Robert Ouko lost his life  fighting corruption, and  for the revival of the mollases plant in Kisumu, yet others acquired it at throw away prices in exchange for prolonging and sustaining an oppressive Moi regime. So, before any person starts throwing stones and mud at Mudavadi, it is prudent to ascertain that they do not live in a glass house, and their public record is spotless. 

  • Cornelius

    i know he knows and we all know that that wasnt his decision…..he bowed down to the pressure from the so called luhya tribesmen which is a very ill advised stupid move. i bet if he will even be the candidate for UDF (or whatever that party’s name is)

  • Analyst

    mudavadi is now playing hardball so he must strategize well nothing is going to come for free especially the presidency

  • Mudavadi Damu


  • Sinataabu

    I think i should also be a presidential candidate now

  • Oposche

    This guy should resign from DPM cause it is an ODM slot also.

  • Kdk

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm majabu hayaaaa

  • Davidnjoroge58

    mudavadi you are our obama soldier on we are behind you

  • Let_The_People_Decide

    What a sober, intelligent and calm leader. He is not bitter, he is not tribal in any way and he has no grudges.
    I predict a landslide win for Hon. Mudavadi after he gets backing from central, RV, Western, Nairobi, Coast, NE and Diaspora. A man who has support from one community and the largest slum in Kenya cannot compete with this national leader. Good job Musalia!

  • perepepe

    It’s official! Raila can kiss his chances of occupying Statehouse goodbye. Despite the cheque book polling practiced by Synovate, the PM at best will come number 5 behind Kalonzo. 1234 will be share between Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Uhuru in no particular order.

  • Bengichovi

    watching the PM address the media this morning, Am sad his handlers are so myopic. This was a moment to position himself as a credible leader raedy to carry the country forward. But what does he do ? talk about Mudavadi and his degrees. And looking around, i did not see the face of Kenya but a regional conclave.

  • Sologish

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! Here comes Kenyas next prezzy’after Emilio.

  • mtetezi

    This is the guy to face RAO on run-off (Assisted by G7 since you can see the G7 burgers  are already partying)….. RAO is also a great  Schemer (MF).. Its going to be a  great movie man….. (No one knows what may happen then)…. I am watching the space…you should too……

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