Otuoma fires warning shot


NAIROBI, Kenya, September 14- Youth Affairs and Sports minister Paul Otuoma has blasted the current football administration for their shortcomings in the way the sport is being run.Otuoma who took office last month said that the lack of transparency in local football is the primary reason why Kenya is languishing in the doldrums of the global football pecking order and that he will not tolerate it.

“An organization that affects so many people cannot belong to one person who can do whatever they want with it. That cannot happen under my watch,” said Otuoma on Tuesday.

“When it comes to making decisions, people lock themselves in a room and say that it is a private affair. It can never be a private affair because at the end of the day it’s going to be a public affair,” he added.

Otuoma was addressing a luncheon attended by Football Kenya Limited (FKL) vice chairman Erastus Okul and the national Under 20 team.

Harambee Stars who were invited to the parley opted out as the players are currently preparing for upcoming crucial Kenya Premier League (KPL) fixtures.

The minister added that all organizations dealing with sports need to be registered under his ministry if they are to be recognized.

He added that federations should not run to the ministry whenever they face a crisis because it is not the responsibility of his docket to micro manage the way sporting activities are run.

“The only time you hear government has not done anything is when there is a crisis. Things cannot work like that. There has to be a plan,” said Otuoma.

Otuoma paid tribute to the junior team for their stirling effort in the recent Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA) where they finished third.

“We will now be putting our energy into this side because they are the future Harambee Stars,” said Otuoma.