Turkana MPs demand government tames marauding bandits

November 15, 2017 5:32 pm
Turkana Central MP Lodepe Nakara and his Turkana East counterpart Lokari Ali said that the end result must be law and order/LABAN WANAMBISI

, NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 15 – Turkana County Members of Parliament have appealed to the State to beef up security to deal with insecurity along the Turkana-Pokot border due to frequent bandit raids.

Turkana Central MP Lodepe Nakara and his Turkana East counterpart Lokari Ali said that the end result must be law and order.

Nakara claimed that armed bandits from Tiaty in Baringo County are crossing over to Turkana to avoid being nabbed.

“As leaders and Kenyan citizens from the region we are saying enough is enough. We cannot keep asking how along the government will continue to tolerate a small gang of bandits to continue to destabilise the peace in Turkana, Baringo, West Pokot and Samburu counties.”

“We are attributing the raising insecurity to political rivalry because the elected leaders from across the borders who should be discouraging the constituents against such acts of lawlessness are instead on the forefront stocking this agitation against neighbouring communities,” the Turkana Central MP stated.

They complained that the raids have been rampant and the newly created administrative and electoral units have contributed to the problem.

“These boundaries have seen neighbouring counties take over some of Turkana County’s resources.”

“We had a meeting with the Inspector-General of Police Boinnet and he pledged to take all necessary measures to provide security and protect the county’s territory and illegal entry by raiders should be prevented,” said Nakara.

Lokari advised the government not to take sides and to ensure that banditry is stamped out because it has derailed development.

“The last time they killed 22 officers, in the same place in Kasarani, the President went there, promised action will be taken, guns have to be repossessed, then in a week’s time total silence.”

“This act reoccurs every time; they do this today they say they want peace after a week they come again and do the same. They have already taken all the animals now they are going to individual lives, they are killing police officers who were just escorting exam papers,” he told a news conference in Parliament.

The MPs said that it is not easy for stolen livestock to be recovered without proper coordination between security officers and the leaders.

Turkana County leaders complained that creation of new administrative and electoral units violated the original boundaries, thus, there has been a problem since the new ones were drawn.

They are accusing the national government of failing to prevent indiscriminate killings, brutalities and illegal exploitation of resources in their county.

They say the right to education for their children has been violated due to raids that have seen many schools closed.

They are also accusing the government of failing to construct roads, presiding over destruction of the environment and failing to develop learning institutions in the county.



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