Evangelical preachers caution against cults

December 4, 2014 6:01 pm
Bishop Mark Kariuki and fellow clergy condemned the Mandera attacks. Photo/ MIKE KARIUKI
Bishop Mark Kariuki and fellow clergy condemned the Mandera attacks. Photo/ MIKE KARIUKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 4 –  Evangelical church leaders have cautioned Kenyans to be wary of fake preachers who play on their faith for unscrupulous reasons.

The Kenya Evangelical Alliance Chairman Bishop Mark Kariuki said some people were recruiting people to cults, even through the media.

“Before you make any decision you have got to find out, who am I listening to? Refrain from participating in cultist worship and from being radicalised, it is not every person who calls Jesus Lord who is a servant of Jesus,” he said.

“One of the ways of identifying a cult is manipulation, where you find there is manipulation, then this is a cult and this is what is happening.”

The statement comes at a time when Kenyans are still reeling from the reports of the killing of a family of five among them three children in a case believed to be linked to cults.

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An expose aired by KTN last month portrayed a televangelist’s crude way of conducting service in his church and prompted the Attorney General to propose the formulation of a law to regulate religious institutions.

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Bishop Kariuki also condemned the killing of 36 innocent Kenyans at a quarry in Mandera by Alshabaab militants on Tuesday morning.

While relaying their message of condolence to the families who lost their loved ones, the clergy vowed that Christians will not be drawn into sectarianism.

“We note with great concern that while this is not a religious war, all those who are non Muslims are being killed, when Christians are attacked , it is the Church that is being attacked—our silence should not be mistaken for cowardice,” stated Kariuki.

The preachers also called for a day of national prayers on December 10, with dedicated prayers being held at the Kasarani gymnasium.

“We want to spend the whole day praying against the spirit of terrorism and the attacks that are coming into the country, we are asking Kenyans from different places to come to the Kasarani gymnasium, gather in churches, halls let us call upon the name of the Lord,” Kariuki stressed.

And with the festive season already on course, the Evangelists wished Kenyans a safe Christmas season , urging them to be cautious even as they travel to different locations.


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