I can work from any building – Kidero

March 13, 2013 10:21 am


Kidero explained that what matters is an individual's capacity to deliver on promises made/FILE
Kidero explained that what matters is an individual’s capacity to deliver on promises made/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 13 – As county governments prepare to begin operations across the country, Nairobi Governor-elect Evans Kidero says he is comfortable with offices allocated to him by the Transitional Authority at City Hall.

Speaking after meeting the various provincial heads of department at Nyayo House on Wednesday, Kidero explained that what matters is an individual’s capacity to deliver on promises made.

His sentiments follow the government’s move to overrule the decision by the Transition Authority to allocate him offices at the Prime Minister’s office on Harambee Avenue.

“I do not think an office is important. What you do in the office is what is important and myself I could work from the road side. However, City Hall has got a rich history and I am quite happy to go there,” he stated.

“I know there are issues to be concluded and they will end fairly soon and after inaugurations on March 20, we will sit as Nairobi residents and see how we are going to change the city,” he said.

During his briefing sessions with provincial heads, Kidero underscored his commitment to make Nairobi a better place by ensuring that every facet of basic living is improved.

“I have been having briefing sessions with the provincial heads of departments, like education, agriculture, livestock, social services, children’s department and basically I am getting to know what they are doing so that after inauguration next week, I can hit the ground running,” he stressed.

The Transitional Authority had further announced that governors would work from local government offices; a decision that was criticised by Machakos Governor-elect Alfred Mutua who pointed out that the space is too limited.

“When a woman is pregnant, you know it will come after nine months. Why would the Transitional Authority wait until after we are elected to start looking for offices? Did they in their mind not think that we are not going to have elections or did they not believe that we would ever be in office?” he wondered.

“I have given the office that I was meant to be occupying to my deputy governor. I have given him space for his personal assistant, space for a few other things as we look for more space,” he indicated.

Speaking to Capital FM News in Nairobi on Wednesday, Mutua revealed that he is personally looking for space from which to work from with his entire staff.

“I am using my campaign office in the meantime but I have already identified a building whereby I can be in that office together with my sufficient staff to enable me to start providing services to Machakos people,” he said. “It is not about the space, I can be in a hall it does not matter. It is my support staff because if I do not have them, I cannot deliver services to the people of Machakos.”

He pointed out that he will seek to improve the living standards Machakos county residents.

“We are going to revolutionise and change the way of life for the people of Machakos by starting with the basics. We need to look at the things that people need to stay alive like water and creation of employment enabling people to move from point A to point B. I have very many ideas which I will seek to implement,” he said.

Mutua worked as the Government Spokesman before venturing into politics.

“It is a very nice feeling made nicer by the fact that I believe that I bring a new way of thinking. I bring a new energy into governance and a new way of conceptualising how we can move the people of Machakos from where they are to where they can be,” he said.


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