S.Africa’s ANC resumes Malema hearing

October 15, 2011 11:20 am
Malema /Courtesy AFP

, JOHANNESBURG, Oct 15 – South Africa’s ruling African National Congress on Saturday resumed the hearing of its youth leader at an undisclosed location, local media reported.

Police guarded the road to the venue where ANC youth league president faces charges of bringing the ANC in disrepute, according to Talk Radio 702.

The charge stems from Malema’s call in August for regime change in neighbouring Botswana, which he said had a “puppet government” that was “in full cooperation with imperialists”.

ANC spokesman Jackson Thembu said the hearing should have started because he had not received any statement about another postponement.

Malema’s hearing has dragged on for over a month and was postponed last week when he was hospitalsed for flu-like symptoms.

It was moved to an undisclosed location after Malema supporters clashed with police outside the ANC headquarters in the Johannesburg city centre when the hearing opened at the end of August.

It was adjourned again in September because some of the parties involved were unavailable.

Last month a court found Malema guilty of hate speech for singing a song whose lyrics mean “shoot the white farmer” but allowed him to appeal.

The court banned the singing of the song, but the ANC said it also planned to appeal the ruling.


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