Murugu laid to rest at his Kimorori farm

July 15, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 15 – The late Youth Affairs Permanent Secretary Kinuthia Murugu was on Wednesday buried at his Kimorori farm in Kiambaa with mourners urging the government to act on rising cases of crime in the country.

Mr Murugu died on Thursday last week of gun shot wounds he suffered about a month ago at the hands of thugs who ambushed him in Nairobi’s Kilimani area. He died at the age of 47.

“The cruel hand of crime has robbed this nation of a gallant warrior and a selfless public servant in whom all of us had faith that he would lead the youth towards better participation in nation building,” said President Mwai Kibaki who led senior government officials at the requiem mass.

In his tribute, President Kibaki described the late Murugu as an articulate and visionary public servant who was passionate about youth empowerment and development.

Speaking at the Starehe Boys Centre Chapel President Kibaki said that although Mr Murugu died at a prime age he had left behind a rich legacy and urged Kenyans to honour him in death by upholding his ideas of empowering the youth.

“History is full of people who had dreams about a bright future for their society.  Some lived to see their dreams fulfilled, while others did not. Mr Murugu was such person who had dreams. He envisaged a period where the Kenyan youth will occupy a central place in the business sector,” the President said. 

We must fight crime

Assistant Minister Peter Kenneth said that it was sad that Kenyans have been reduced to living in fear as criminals terrorise and even kill them.

“Many cases of Kenyans have been reported as that of murders, carjackings and many others go unreported causing untold agony to their families. Let these deaths not be in vain but be a realisation that we must not lose the battle against crime,” Mr Kenneth said. “We must ensure we take concrete steps to make Kenya a safe place, for security must remain a fundamental right that all Kenyans must continue to enjoy.” 

Former Defence Minister Njenga Karume called on the government to address the rising cases of lawlessness.

“We need to come up with strategies to curb the wave of crime. It is worrying especially for us in older generation when start burying those who are still in their youth. It is worrying because the youth are supposed to inherit this country and develop the nation but who will do it if they die before us?” Mr Karume posed.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga admitted that insecurity had hit unsettling levels. “Many are the innocent people that have been killed in their homes but what is worrying is that the assassins are never found,” he said.

But the Premier assures that “all is not lost.” He said police reforms will ensure law enforcers respond effectively to threats on peace and security.

“We want to create conditions that will make it possible for our people to go to work with out the fear of being mugged or go to sleep without thinking that people will invade their homes,” said the PM.

Mr Odinga said that although the assassin’s bullet had cut short the life of a talented and promising Kenyan, his death must not be vain.

The Prime Minister said: “Mr Murugu showed unrivalled commitment to the development of the nation and that Kenya can move from the status of a struggling underdeveloped country to the position of a prosperous nation if proper utilisation of both human and natural resources is adhered to.”


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