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  • China and 20 other countries sign MOU on regional bank

    BEIJING, China, Oct 24 - China and 20 other countries moved forward on Friday towards setting up an Asian infrastructure lender seen as a counterweight to Western-backed international development banks. The signatories put their names to a memorandum of understanding to... Read more

  • Beijing embraces ‘rule of law with Chinese characteristics’

    BEIJING, October 23- China's Communist rulers declared Thursday that the country would embrace the "rule of law with Chinese characteristics", official media reported after a key party meeting touted as heralding legal reform. More than 360 full and reserve members of... Read more

  • Hong Kong civil servants show support for democracy protests

    HONG KONG, October 23- Hong Kong civil servants have taken to Facebook to anonymously voice support for ongoing democracy protests on a public page that points to unease among some of those working at the heart of the city's government. Bureaucrats from a myriad of departments... Read more

  • China urges Israel to create conditions for Palestine peace talks

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 21 - A Chinese envoy on Tuesday called on Israel to create necessary conditions for the resumption of peace talks with Palestine. At an open debate of the Security Council on the situation of the Middle East, Liu Jieyi, China's permanent representative... Read more

  • Hong Kong protesters add helmets to their umbrellas

    HONG KONG, October 21- When Anson Lau first joined Hong Kong's pro-democracy rallies he carried little more than a raincoat and a bottle of water. But as police began wielding pepper spray and batons, the 20 year old insurance agent has donned a hard hat and home made... Read more