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  • New media, New China: Xinhua relaunch on barred networks

    BEIJING, China, Mar 2 - China's official news agency Xinhua has re-launched its English-language presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, it announced - all of which are blocked in China. Like many official Chinese bodies, Xinhua is an avid user of Western social media... Read more

  • China’s leaders meet with ‘rule of law’ on agenda

    BEIJING, China, Mar 2 - When Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to "safeguard the rights of people in line with law" in his New Year address, Xu Liangju was in a cell for seeking government action over the killing of her teenage son. On a winter morning, the 45-year-old... Read more

  • China’s wild panda population up nearly 17 percent

    BEIJING, China, Mar 1 - China's population of wild giant pandas jumped nearly 17 percent over a decade - state media reported, citing an official survey - with conservation measures credited as being behind the increase. The investigation by the State Forestry Administration... Read more

  • China bans ivory carving imports for one year

    BEIJING, Feb 27- Beijing has imposed a one year ban on imports of ivory carvings, but questions remained Friday on its effect on rising Chinese demand, which critics say could push wild African elephants to extinction within a generation. The move comes days ahead of a... Read more

  • Hong Kong woman jailed for six years for maid abuse

    HONG KONG, Feb 27- A Hong Kong woman was jailed for six years on Friday for beating and starving her Indonesian maid and keeping her prisoner, as the judge called for action over laws which leave domestic workers exposed to abuse. But while victim Erwiana Sulistyaningsih... Read more