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  • Singapore Airlines Airbus loses power in-flight to both engines

    SINGAPORE, May 27 - A Singapore Airlines Airbus with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board lost power to both engines en route to Shanghai -- reportedly falling 13,000 feet -- the airline said Wednesday as it announced an investigation into the incident. The Airbus A330-300... Read more

  • Chinese firefighters punished over on-the-job selfies

    BEIJING, China, May 26 - Firefighters in southwestern China have taken heat for snapping photos of themselves while responding to an emergency, state media reported Tuesday. A local fire house released a statement saying that two of its personnel had been fired while a... Read more

  • Fire at China nursing home kills 38

    BEIJING, MAY 26 - A fire at a nursing home in central China left at least 38 people dead, officials said Tuesday, with bodies burned beyond recognition and wheelchairs reduced to charred frames. The fire broke out on Monday evening in an apartment building at a privately-owned... Read more

  • China takes officials to prison as warning: report

    BEIJING, China, May 25 - Chinese officials have been sent on prison tours visiting inmates including former colleagues as a warning against corruption, state-run media said Monday, provoking mockery online. More than 70 officials and their spouses in central China's Hubei... Read more

  • China illegally fishing in Africa, Greenpeace study finds

    CHINA, May 20 - Chinese companies have been illegally fishing off the coast of West Africa, environmental campaign group Greenpeace said in a study Wednesday, at times sending incorrect location data suggesting they are as far away as Mexico. The number of Chinese-flagged... Read more