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  • Chinese police detain suspect in alleged TV hacking

    BEIJING, August 28- Chinese police said Thursday they have detained a suspect in connection with the alleged hacking of a Chinese cable television service after it broadcast censored Tiananmen crackdown pictures and messages condemning the ruling Communist party. Police... Read more

  • China landslide kills seven

    BEIJING, August 28- Seven people died and another 20 were left missing after a landslide in southwest China, state media reported Thursday. The landslide engulfed a village near Fuquan city in the province of Guizhou, the Xinhua news agency said. Torrential rain complicated... Read more

  • Nouveaux riches and pollutants in new Chinese dictionary

    BEIJING, Aug 28 - A new Chinese dictionary backed by the national language regulator offers a glimpse into the social and environmental concerns of the citizenry, adding nearly 100 phrases to the lexicon, a report said Thursday. The additions to the third edition of the... Read more

  • Taiwan honours 56,000 WWII soldiers killed in Myanmar

    TAIPEI, August 27- Taiwan on Wednesday honoured tens of thousands of Chinese Nationalist soldiers killed in World War II in Myanmar, many of whom came to the rescue of British troops. A wooden plaque inscribed with Chinese characters reading "The spirits of the Republic... Read more

  • UK top judge warns Hong Kong of ‘vigilance’ to protect rights

    HONG KONG, August 26- Britain's top judge Tuesday warned Hong Kong of the need for "eternal vigilance" to safeguard its liberties as China looks set to take a hardline stance at discussions this week on election reforms in the city. David Neuberger's comments come as China's... Read more