Yes, Uhuru won – parallel vote tally shows


Kenyatta ended up garnering 50.07 of the national tally with 6,173,433 votes and Odinga 43.31 percent with 5,340,546 votes as announced by the IEBC /MIKE KARIUKI
Kenyatta ended up garnering 50.07 of the national tally with 6,173,433 votes and Odinga 43.31 percent with 5,340,546 votes as announced by the IEBC /MIKE KARIUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 9 – The Elections Observation Group (ELOG) which was carrying out a parallel tally of the presidential results says its figures match those released by the electoral commission.

“The official result announced by the IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) for each candidate falls within the range projected by the PVT (Parallel Vote Tabulation). Thus the PVT can confidently verify that the official results for each candidate are accurate,” the group’s chairman, Kennedy Masime, said on Saturday afternoon.

According to the report released by ELOG, their parallel tabulation showed the president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta would garner 49.7 percent of the votes cast nationally while his closest contender, Raila Odinga, would get 43.4 percent.

Kenyatta ended up garnering 50.07 of the national tally with 6,173,433 votes and Odinga 43.31 percent with 5,340,546 votes as announced by the IEBC.

The ELOG chairman said they arrived at their figures using a, “nationally representative, random sample of 1,000 polling streams drawn by experienced statisticians from the official list of polling streams provided by the IEBC.”

The domestic observers say the electoral commission should make available the forms with the presidential tallies from each and every polling station across the country to erase any doubt as to the credibility of the cumulative presidential results.

“We call on the IEBC to immediately make public any information relevant and material to the results as announced. More specifically, make public the individual results from all polling streams.”

Masime also advised those who doubt the results released by the electoral commission to take their grievance to court and called on the Judiciary to resolve the disputes expeditiously.

“We urge any party or person who may feel aggrieved by the outcome of the election to seek redress through the courts of law. We call upon the courts to act expeditiously on any complaints that may be filed.”

The observers comprised Faith Based Organisations and civil society groups concluded their statement by congratulating Kenyans for turning out to vote in large numbers and encouraged them to return to their normal lives in peace.

“We congratulate Kenyans for making history by turning out in large numbers to exercise their right to vote. We want to acknowledge the peaceful manner with which Kenyans have conducted themselves and urge that peace continues to prevail.”

  • peter kibanya

    Raila Amolo Ondinga should kindly accept the result if EU observes IEBC and ELOG confirmed the result because the whole world will see a liar instead of democratic leader who believes he has integrity measurements.

    • isacchi

      You should also accept that the constitution guarantees him the right to seek redress at the Supreme Court. If the world sees him as a liar, what is the loss to you?

  • Christopher Haslett

    A random sampling is not a recount. Like an opinion poll it would carry a margin of error of a few percent. As the deciding margin for the first-round victory was only 0.07%, only a comprehensive recount could confirm its legitimacy.

  • Amani

    Why would the whole electronic system collapse unless it was deliberately compromised? What happened to the usual layers of back up in such soft ware applications? Where were the creators of the soft ware to ensure all went smoothly from start to finish? Why did IEBC at one point refuse to allow verification of results before announcement?

    Kenyans spent huge sums of money for an electronic system that would provide a higher level of security from rigging and other election malpractices and we ended up with a manual system that has been historically discredited time & time again.

    It is such questions that raises terrible doubts as to the integrity of the whole process and the ensuing results. Yes, we must not keep quiet at such obvious incompetence and possible compromise by IEBC but go to court and establish the truth as there is no real peace without justice.

    RAO is doing Kenya a big favour by INSISTING on a just process even if that process seals his DEFEAT.

    Going to Court is better than fighting in the streets. Going to court is better than going the MRC way. Going to court is better than pushing things under the carpet because we don’t want the tension or we don’t want our man to loose, or we don’t want the bother of doing the election again or we want to carry on with our lives etc…But the courts themselves must be seen to uphold and apply the rule of law without fear or favour so that justice is not only done but it must be SEEN to be done. And it is the duty of ALL Kenyans without exception to abide by all such verdicts.

    Let’s build a solid Kenya on solid institutions of integrity and processes that can stand any challenge of transparency, accountability and integrity that we can be proud of and leave as a legacy for all generations.

    • Samuel Ayaya

      I totally agree with AMANI. All the breakdowns in the severs etc were quite suspicious. Let’s get the truth from the courts.

    • slessor

      all elektoniks can fail at times as they are not made by God but you can give me a product that has 100% guarantee

  • Gichira Peter

    let me say that going to the Supreme Court is a constitutional right for all Kenyans including the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Though I am yet to hear the case that they intent to put forth. I am however very skeptical that they will succeed. One, the IEBC wes thorough in its tabulations, with the hindsight that a compromised election would get then personally liable of malpractice.

    Any challenge of the results using the electronic tallying system or BVRs would not sustain a contestation that the process was not credible. The electronic tallying system was to provide provisional results and not official results. On the other hand, the law provides for the use of manual voter register as well as the BVRs.

    Any situation where votes cast would be above voter registered would have been cancelled as provided for in the elections Act. It is impossible that IEBC could taken in such votes. The burden of proof in this case lies squarely on the petitioner (Raila and team) and it will be interesting to see if they will be able to do so. I suspect their case for this will be immensely weak that it will be dismissed.

    There is no way that Raial and team will be able to prove that voting in thier regions was more than was tallied. The tallying is just a cummulation of what is at the polling centres, then constituency, then county, and finally then national centre. In all these places, CORD had its people who signed the results that were forwarded to the next level until Bomas of Kenya. They will have to proof that these was not the case. Difficult thing to do I guess coz all the parties were represented and signed to the sheets and form 36 not Just CORD.

    Lastly, by trying to alledge that IEBC did not manage the presidential elections credibly, CORD is actually asking that for the following

    1. Kenya goes for another presidential election in 60 days as provided in the contitution.

    2. That we must have a new and credible electoral body in place to run such elections. This body cannot be in place within those 60 days. Is it possible that CORD is asking that the international community comes to manage the elections for us? Would be CORD interested in wanting to show case Kenya as a failed state, a narrative that has been pushed by some section of CORD since 2007 elections?

    3. The status quo, remains until the country elects another president through a process that is “credible” to CORD’s satisfaction. That could be one, two or three years from today. The question would be, who benefits from such a prolonged status quo arrangement? Of course the PM and his cronies because they will have managed to stay in office longer than the time when electrorate kicked them out. In the mean time, CORD and its western friends would be working heads and nails to ensure that the President-elect and the deputy president -elect are nailed by the ICC.

    I am therefore wondering what then credibility means to CORD. This may be as follows:- 1. An electoral institution that palys to CORD’s interest?

    2. An electoral process that is managed by CORD’s western allies (who had worked round the clock to get Raila in office through intimidation with sanctions etc) and managed in the favour of CORD and Raila in particular?

    3. The removal of CORD’s main challengers from the presidential race through the ICC so that Raila runs for the office alone or with unformidable challengers?

    Indeed, how come that when Raila was on the winning side of the two constitutional referendums (2005 and 2012), they both were fast declared credible whereas his loss in the Presidential elections (2007 and 2013), managed by the same electoral commissions respectively, are deemed uncredible? All this is left for Kenyans to intepret.

    I am however certain that the petition by Raila and CORD will not hold any waters and with that his statemanship and political career will have hit a dead end. I hope that as he is pushed to go to court by those who think they are to gain/loss with his win/loss, he is also being prepared for the eminent eventuality.

    NB:For those who like using insults on others, these are my entitled opinions.

    • george mwaura

      I totally agree with you,the main problem with cord is that they believed they were winning or the poll was headed for a ran off up to the last minute hence signed the returns at all levels.
      They can now only hinge their misconceived case on the tally’s or counting of the figures obtained from the stations the constituencies and bomas.The polls body is aware of the importance of getting its figures right and the beauty of it is that this was a very easy task and it is inconceivable that anything will come out of this.Regarding the claim that the register of voters was changed to increase figures for the winners and decrease theirs,note that they do not say that the votes or cast ballots were changed.;the constitution requires the winner to win by a majority of votes cast and not majority of registered voters and the claim regarding ndhiwa is a minor inconsequential technicality.
      That is why they talk about a forensic audit to go around the actual results they verified and forestall the dismissal of the case at the case conference stage when this hard questions must be answered.I agree that this case is a strategy to achieve another objective as you suggest.

  • Mazzdark

    This is the time for Raila’s Mandela moment – the promised land is here, but Moses NEVER reached it. #DignityforRaila

  • kange

    I must say am sorry to RAO coz he is ever in the opposition, whether he wins or looses he is never in the possitive side of life. As we are talking, today thousands of youths and elderly people are employed by the said Jubilee Gorverment to clean up the Country and for your information NOT jubilee surporters but KENYANS, while you RAO busy in courts stopping Kenyans from working???? What is your angender for this country mister RAO????

    • isacchi

      You are a very lazy and ignorant Kenyan, and your spelling is terrible. Please get up and go to work immediately and stop blaming RAO! How has he stopped Kenya from moving on? Even the president-elect is on to business so you have no excuse!!

  • shalom

    I get a feeling that if it not RAO then all went wrong suppose more votes are found for Uhuru? remember the makadara seat in the by election? sonko took it….tuangalie sana mzee wetu isije kuwa na more stress. As a CORD member iam not supporting what most are agitating. Numbers still stand against remember the 2nd round it is simple majority.

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