I can’t concede defeat in flawed poll – PM

Odinga told a meeting of leaders who were recently elected under CORD affiliate parties that he had full confidence in the Judiciary/CFM

Odinga told a meeting of leaders who were recently elected under CORD affiliate parties that he had full confidence in the Judiciary/CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya Mar 13 – Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) presidential candidate Raila Odinga insists that his conscience cannot allow him to concede defeat in last week’s polls.

Odinga told a meeting of leaders who were recently elected under CORD affiliate parties that he had full confidence in the Judiciary, which he believes will handle his petition and deliver a fair judgment.

“The Supreme Court that we are moving into is itself a product of a long and painful struggle that cost people their careers and their lives. It is now a reality, and should be part of our motivation to defend what we have. Change and democracy are worth fighting for,” Odinga said.

The outgoing Prime Minister said nothing would have made him happier than to concede defeat, but added that his conscience would haunt him if he did.

“Nothing would have pleased me more than to stand there and tell Kenyans that I accept the results, but something disturbed my conscience and I said if I don’t speak this will become institutionalised. Why would Kenyans go to the elections, queue for all those hours and then in the end the results have already been pre-determined?” he asked.

Odinga assured his supporters that CORD had sufficient grounds to petition the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the fourth president of Kenya.

He told the newly elected Governors, Senators and MPs that the petition was not merely to contest the election but was to defend democracy and secure it for posterity.

“Today the victim may be CORD. Tomorrow, it will be somebody else. Let’s join hands in seeking justice and fairness through the courts of law,” the premier said.

He asked Kenyans to support CORD in its quest for justice and truth through the courts of law to ensure that elections were no longer an exercise to confirm preconceived conditions and positions.

“I could have accepted the results if the polls were credible but we have the responsibility to protect our ballots,” the PM said.

Odinga who came second to Kenyatta in the presidential election is expected to contest the outcome of the poll in the Supreme Court, alleging “massive vote tampering”.

Odinga has said that every instrument deployed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) failed and that there was interference with the voter register following failure of the electronic voter identification kit.

At the same time, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka termed claims that he had given up on the presidential petition as ‘opportunism’ that he will not engage in.

“A friend called me last night and told me, Mr VP you have the opportunity to be a statesman, just go out there and announce that this election is behind us. I told them for goodness sake this is a man with a commitment to deliver this nation,” he said

Musyoka spoke as Kitui and Machakos County Governor race losers Kiema Kilonzo (Narc) and Mutua Katuku, as well as more than 300 politicians mainly from the Wiper Democratic Movement – which is a part of CORD coalition – said they were not part of CORD case and wanted Kenya needs to focus on other issues after the General Election.

They stated that this was the time for the nation to rally together behind President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta for nation building and want to see him assume office and move the country forward from where President Mwai Kibaki has left it.

Addressing a press conference at a Nairobi hotel, the leaders announced that they firmly backed Kenyatta and were ready to work with him.


Laban Wanambisi is a Parliamentary and Political reporter. He joined the Capital Newsteam in 2005. Since then, he has reported on many of the major news events over the years including his first major assignment covering the 2005 National Referendum on the Draft Constitution, and several other subsequent key national and international events.

  • http://twitter.com/PaulWamai Paul Wamai

    Is it conscience or ego? The PM should differentiate between the two. RAO always complains of poll irregularities when he loses but never when he wins. For example when they worked with Kibaki and won the polls overwhelmingly, he was quiet only to emerge later complaining of being cheated of an MOU that no one new of before. If he has been cheated so many times, then there is a problem with his leadership. I wish he and his team would just shut-up and let the court decide rather than stress our eyes with all these self-justifications.

  • http://www.facebook.com/willie.nganga.5 Willie Nganga


    Prior to the just concluded elections, we all heard the CORD alliance
    complaining that some forces in government were plotting to rig elections only
    for the former AG Amos Wako who ironically vied and won a senatorial seat
    courtesy of ODM (a shareholder in CORD) corrected them that no one in
    government had the capability of rigging.

    As a way of preparing ground for not conceding defeat, the CORD alliance
    ones again stage-managed an incident at JKIA meant to undermine our CJ William
    mutunga in view to fooling kenyans that either the mungikis or some forces in
    government plotted to eliminate him (CJ) to jeopardize the independence of the
    judiciary,. They must have forgotten that the leader (Maina Njenga) of the
    deadly MUNGIKI himself was and still is a die-hard supporter of the CORD
    alliance and when our Deputy President-elect reminded them this, they all went

    Under the leadership of the “always and only“ victim of election malpractices
    (RAILA), the CORD alliance is now desperately intending to challenge the
    presidential election results hoping that our dignified CJ they purported to
    defend after the airport saga and the death threats will come to their
    rescue,.. Raila and his CORD should not take our supreme court nor our IEBC for
    granted – under the new constitution, our institutions are now dignified and
    competent and my FREE consultation to the CORD and Raila is,….

    “According to the 2009 population census, some of the constituencies in your
    strong-holds are more populated than some constituencies in the strong-holds of
    the JUBILEE alliance but these constituencies in the JUBILEE alliance
    strong-holds registered more voters than the strong-holds of your CORD alliance
    – isn’t then Uhuru`s victory self explanatory based on this fact? Didn`t also
    JUBILEE alliance garner more seats in both the senate and the national
    assembly? Do you then want to imply that all the seats that the JUBILEE
    alliance garnered are questionable?
    Kindly, stop taking Kenya and Kenyans for a ride.

    Bwana Waziri Mkuu, who needs a BRAIN SURGEON`S knowledge to understand these
    basics – KINDLY, give us a break and let us divert our focus and attention to
    other more important issues,.. after all, it is on record that you have served
    this country of ours better from the official opposition than when you are in government.

    The heart is not visible but it is a very important part of the body not just
    for its functioning but also for its existence,.. like the heart, sio lazima uonekane
    ndio tujue unafanya kazi – you can still do this country proud from an
    invisible position.

    We cannot all become presidents and with all due respect, be content with
    people`s verdict or bite the bullet and go for one of the CORD nomination slots
    – isn`t age also taking toll on you?,. take a leaf from Hon. Beth Mugo`s

    She felt that hawezani na mbio za maboyz akaamua astaafu kama MNGWANA and
    rumor has it that she is in the JUBILEE nomination list – (Kudos MATHE).

    We (Kenyans) might be fools but SOMETIMES we think – Raila would have won
    himself a STATEMAN`S status had he conceded defeat like a gentleman lakini
    maskini hakupata mtu mwenye hekima amshauri,.. it is high time that Raila
    realized that the Mutula Kilonzos and Prof Anyang Nyong`os he turns to for
    advices have credible “bought knowledge“ and not “born knowledge“.

    ACCEPT A DEFEAT OR A FAILURE“,.. who then is GREAT between Raila, Musalia and
    Peter Kenneth?

    Kenyans, lets us all ignore the much publicized “ELECTION PETION“ na
    tuendelee kudumisha amani.

    Ng`ash DESIGNER a.k.a RAIYA