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Lotto splashes Sh8mn for AK X-Country trials

Joan Wangari Mwaura, the Lotto Kenya Chief Executive Officer hands over the cheque to Athletics Kenya boss Gen (Rtd) Jackson Tuwei as Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed (left), incoming Principle Secretary Joe Okudo and AK first vice president Paul Mutwii watch on. PHOTO/Raymond Makhaya

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 31 – Lotto Foundation has splashed Sh8mn to sponsor this year’s Athletics Kenya (AK) National Cross Country trials set for February 8 at the Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.

Lotto has been sponsoring the national athletics trials for the past four years.

”We are glad to see the hard work and a partnership that has worked to grow the athletes from grassroot level. I am really happy to see the young ones we started with in High School are now senior athletes like Amos (Kipruto) who has been selected into the Olympics marathon team,” said Joan Wangari Mwaura, the Lotto Kenya Chief Executive Officer.

She added; “It is good to see the growth and the impact sports has in the society and we hope to continue with this partnership with Athletics Kenya.”

This year’s trials will be used to select the Kenyan team for the African Cross-Country Championship which will be held in Togo on April 8.

“We thank Lotto for having stood with us for all these years and we are looking forward to the trials next weekend where we will select a strong team for Togo. We will conclude with the regionals this weekend and we hope for a very competitive nationals next week,” Athletics Kenya boss Gen (Rtd) Jackson Tuwei stated.

The Nairobi region final will be staged at the Posta Grounds on Ngong Road on Saturday where a team will be selected for the national trials.

While most of the senior athletes will not be looking to qualify for the Africa Cross, the meet offers them a chance to build up their fitness as they continue preparation towards the Olympics as well as the World Athletics Continental Gold Tour scheduled to start in Nairobi on May 2.

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