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Malkia Strikers captain Moim joins KCB

Malkia Strikers skipper Mercy Moim receives the ball against Korea during the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup in Osaka, Japan on September 27, 2019. PHOTO/FIVB

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 28 – Malkia Strikers captain Mercy Moim has signed a three-year contract with KCB women’s volleyball team ahead of the new season.

Moim became the latest acquisition for the bankers this week, joining middle blocker Edith Wisa from Kenya Prisons, youngster Sharon Chepchumba, formerly with Kenya Pipeline and Ugandan middle blocker Sharon Amito.

KCB Group Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Judith Sidi said the bank is determined to build a professional outfit that will conquer Africa like in the golden era which ended in 2006 when they won their last Africa Club Championship title.

Malkia Strikers captain Moin joins KCB

“We have been in consultations with the technical team and we are convinced that these four players will take the team to the next level. It’s a long-term project that we believe will change the lives of these players and shape the future of Kenyan volleyball,” said Sidi who is KCB’s volleyball team patron.

The four new signings are expected to blend in with other regulars in the team like Noel Murambi, Leonida Kasaya, Jemimah Siang’u and Rwandese setter Ernestine Akimanizanye.



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