The Shah football report released


NAIROBI, Kenya, September 28- The Vimal Shah report has called for a national football stakeholders conference to thrash out the issues affecting the national game.
SAMBILI_REPORTThe report which was handed over to Sports Minister Professor Hellen Sambili also recommended for total overhaul of the revenue collection and financial frameworks if the game is to be at par with the major global leagues.

“It is clear that there is a new model needed for football in Kenya. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports should call for a major countrywide consultation or a major centralized meeting,” said Shah.

“The primary objective of this meeting will be to chart and align the vision of goals for the next generation of Kenyan footballers,” he added.

Shah went on to say that moderators from countries like Brazil and England should be invited to talk about how they manage football and explain the pitfalls and benefits of their respective administrations.

“From these, we (Kenyans) will be able to evaluate the pros and cons of each model and craft one that is suitable for this country,” said Shah.

Shah recommend that a new office called the Commissioner of Sports Revenue should be formed under the stewardship of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

“The revenue will be used to develop various facets of sport like training, coaching and the sourcing for equipment,” said Shah.

He added that another option would be to hand over the duty of revenue collection to a private sector agency.

The committee which also included Naotional Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) Kipchoge Keino was formed in February under the tutelage of the world governing body FIFA who Shah said was kept in the loop throughout the inquest.

Shah however would not be drawn into matters regarding the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) and the legal status of Football Kenya Limited (FKL).

“I cannot comment on those bodies now as the matter is in court,” said Shah.

Sambili said after receiving the report that it would be perused through and that appropriate action will be taken.

“We are going to study this report and consult. We will implement whatever is recommended without fear or favour,” said Sambili.