130 petitions finalised as courts rush to beat deadline

August 20, 2013 4:29 pm
The Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi. Photo/ FILE
The Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi. Photo/ FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 20- A total of 130 electoral petitions that had been filed within 28 days after the March 4 General Election have been finalised but another 58 are pending hearing.

A statement from the Judiciary on Tuesday evening explained that the courts had received a total of 188 petitions at the close of the deadline.

Public Affairs and Communication Director Naim Bilal said of the 130 finalised, judgement has been delivered in 27 petitions, while 15 were withdrawn, 35 were struck out and another 53 are pending judgement.

“The petitioners withdrew 15 election cases filed to challenge the election of Senators, Members of the National Assembly, County Women Representatives, County Assembly Representatives and County Assembly Speakers,” said Bilal.

“No petition has so far been withdrawn in petitions challenging the election of Governors.”

Twenty four petitions challenging the elections of various Governors had been filed following the March 4 poll while 13 were challenging the election of some Senators.

A total of 70 petitions had also been filed to contest the election of various Members of the National Assembly while nine were challenging Women Representatives.

Sixty seven County Assembly representatives and five Speakers of County Assemblies also had their elections challenged.

Twelve out of the 24 petitions challenging the election of various Governors are yet to be heard and determined while nine others have the delivery of the judgment pending. Only two judgments have been delivered while another one was struck out.

On the other hand, three senatorial petitions are yet to be heard while the delivery of judgment in four other petitions is pending. Another four petitions in this category were struck out and two were withdrawn.

A total of 22 petitions challenging the election of Members of the National Assembly are yet to be heard. Twenty two others are waiting for the judgment to be delivered while 13 petitions were struck out. Six petitions were withdrawn and seven other judgments were delivered.

“Out of the nine petitions filed against the election of Women Representatives, two were withdrawn while five were struck out and two are pending,” said Bilal.

More than 90 judges and magistrates had been appointed by the Chief Justice to handle the election petitions and settle them in a timely fashion.

“The parliamentary and county electoral disputes are expected to be concluded within six months of being filed, pursuant to Section 75 of the Elections Act,” noted Bilal.


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