Needle stuck in Kisumu girl after rape ordeal

October 16, 2010 12:00 am

, KISUMU, Kenya, Oct 16 – A 17-year-old girl is writhing in pain at the Kisumu District Hospital after being defiled by a gang of five men.

This is the second traumatising incident that is befalling the form three secondary school student who was defiled at the age of 15 by her father who later committed suicide.

Narrating the ordeal at her hospital bed, the girl said that she was attacked by the five men who were trailing her using a vehicle while she was on a bicycle heading to her uncle’s house in Nyalenda estate in Kisumu town last Saturday at 11am.

She was forced into the car, blindfolded and driven to an unknown location where she was raped in turns. The suspects inflicted bruises using a sharp object on her thighs and breast before inserting a needle into her abdomen.

She was later abandoned at Kondele at around 8pm where a passerby took her to the hospital before she reported the matter to Kisumu Central Police Station.

Back at her uncle’s house after the treatment, she developed some abdominal pain and on Wednesday she went back to the hospital for medical checkup.

The medical doctor in charge at the hospital Dr Thaddeus Masawa confirmed that the abdominal X Ray showed a needle inside the blood vessels below the pelvic region and they were incapable to carry out a surgical operation due to lack of the required facilities.

“Truly the needle like the one we normally use for injection is moving in her blood vessels,” he said.

Dr Masawa said that the girl needs an urgent medical attention to remove the needle and facilities that are able to perform the operation are only found in referral hospitals like Kenyatta (Nairobi) and Moi (Eldoret).

“The family is unable to get the money required for the operation and we are appealing to well wishers to come to her aid and allow her get the required treatment,” said Dr Masawa.

He said that the patient is unable to sit down because the needle occasionally pricks.

Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya (FIDA) has taken up the issue and is working closely with the police to ensure that the culprits are apprehended and brought to book.

Western Kenya FIDA legal officer Jacqueline Ingutia said right now they are more concerned with the well being of the girl before they can concentrate in tracking down her assailants.

“We are more concerned with her health, her state is not appealing and we are mobilizing funds from well wishers to ensure she gets surgical operation in time,” said Ms Ingutia.

Police are also following some short text messages that were sent to the girl before and after the attack. The girl reported that she received death threats on her phone nearly three days before she was attacked.

Some of the texts she received warned her that she would be killed but before that she was to be raped. After the Saturday ordeal a text message was also sent to her warning that it was the start of her problems and she must die.

The girl is suspecting that her close family members are behind the orchestrated attack after she threatened to report her father immediately after the defilement forcing him to take his life.

“After the death of my father I was accused of being behind his death and most of my family members were hostile to me,” she said.

Now she fears for her life and urgently needs the operation to be done before her security can be guaranteed by the relevant authorities.


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