Kalonzo paints Yatta green

July 26, 2010 12:00 am

, YATTA, Kenya, Jul 26 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Monday extended the Yes campaign to Yatta, Mwingi and Masinga districts calling on the residents to vote for the proposed Constitution.

After a weekend campaign in the lower Eastern Province, Mr Musyoka, alongside local leaders, took time to explain the content of the proposed law while urging wananchi to read and understand in order to vote wisely come August 4 referendum.

The Vice President who was accompanied by Assistant Minister for sports, Wavinya Ndeti (Kathiani), Charles Kilonzo (Yatta), Johnstone Muthama (Kangundo), Prof Phillip Kaloki (Kibwezi), Benson Mbai (Masinga) and Charles Nyamai (Kitui West) made several stopovers in a series of strategic Yes campaign rallies in the larger Ukambani region.

Some of the places he stopped to address wananchi include Kithimani, Yatta, Matuu, Ekalakala and Masinga.

The Vice President said the passage of the proposed constitution will usher in a new dawn that will ensure equitable and adequate resource distribution that will benefit both present and future generation.

“The new Constitution will include devolved funds from the current Sh60 million to about Sh350 million per constituency," he said.

Mr Musyoka said the new Constitution will help alleviate poverty and guarantee basic human rights that include access to adequate health care, food, education, improved infrastructure, shelter and means of livelihood.

He said Kenyans should not be cheated that all churches were opposed to the proposed law saying many people from all religious denominations have declared support for the new constitution.

The Vice President urged the Kamba community to join other Kenyans in bringing about positive change to the country.

“Let us be part of the Kenyan society, many people in Nairobi, Central, Western, Eastern and several parts of Rift Valley support the new law,” he said.

Mr Musyoka once again said contentious issues in the proposed law can be revisited and amended after the adoption of the new law.

He said the document provided for new avenues of fighting corruption thus safeguarding public resources.

Speakers at the rally said the proposed constitution belongs to all Kenyans and will cater for every citizen irrespective of their social and economic background and asked the locals to turn up in large numbers on August 4 to vote for the draft.



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