British Al Shabaab operative sneaks into Kenya

November 28, 2015 11:55 am


Image of wanted British terror suspect Malik Yassin as released by police/CFM
Image of wanted British terror suspect Malik Yassin as released by police/CFM
NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 28 – The police have asked the public to be on the look out for an Al Shabaab fighter of British descent identified as Malik Yassin.

The police say he has sneaked into the country and is akin to another British national, Thomas Evans, who was killed in June during an attack on the Kenya Defence Forces base in Lamu.

“We seek your assistance and cooperation in hunting down the suspect,” the Interior Ministry said on its twitter handle.

Yassin has been described as a tall, slender Caucasian with brown hair and eyes and a British accent.

The police have however cautioned that, “to disguise his appearance he may have shaved his hair and beard.”

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In October, the Police made public the names and photos of five Kenyan nationals who they said were trained by the Al Shabaab in Somalia and were back in the country for a planned attack.

They included that of one female, a possible suicide bomber, by the name of Shamim Wanjiru Hussein.

Police say the 26-year-old has been married to several Al Shabaab operatives and may be used to stage an attack similar to those carried out by the Boko Haram in Nigeria where they’ve deployed female suicide bombers.

Her husband, Patroba Juma Owiti, is also on the list and is believed to have lived in Umoja before travelling to Somalia in 2013 to join the Al Shabaab. It is believed that he participated in an attack on a Kenya Defence Forces base in Lamu.

Former Mathare United player Anwar Yogan Mwok is also believed to have lived in Umoja prior to joining the Jaysh Ayman Al Shabaab cell.

“Anwar owns a significant amount of properties within Umoja area in Nairobi, some of which it is suspected that he has disposed of and that the proceeds of those properties are used to finance Al-Shabaab activities targeting Kenya,” the profile released by the Police reads.

The younger brother of slain Al Shabaab recruiter Hassan Omondi Owiti alias Budalangi is also wanted. It’s believed that together with his brother, he was radicalised at the Pumwani Riyadha Mosque.

Last on the list is Ramadhan Kioko also known as Pinji, slang for pick-pocket. A former resident of Majengo, Kioko who joined the Al Shabaab in 2008 is also believed to have recruited his son Abdulmalik.


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