Kenyan Church ridiculed over No stand

May 9, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 8 – The National Civil Society Congress (NCSC) is accusing the recently launched No campaign by the church of misleading Kenyans.

Addressing journalists in Nairobi on Sunday, NCSC president Morris Odhiambo said church leaders opposed to the proposed constitution were leading a campaign based on fear mongering and a misconstrued opinion of the document.

“The no campaign is misinformed. It is simply fear mongering based on ignorance and arrogance,” Mr Odhiambo charged.

Mr Odhiambo raised concerns over brochures and leaflets distributed during the Uhuru Park rally on Saturday of misleading the public and causing anxiety ahead of the referendum.

Church leaders have been opposed to the inclusion of Kadhis Courts and a clause they claim leaves a loophole for the legalisation of abortion. Talks between the church and Cabinet members collapsed after both camps declined to yield to the proposals to amend the draft Constitution before it was published.

The activist said the low turnout of the launch of the No campaign should serve as an indicator of the lack of support in its camp.

“The 150 or so people that turned up for their rally cannot take them far in their campaign and we are calling on all Kenyans to shame them by coming out and voting for the proposed Constitution,” he said.

Retired PCEA Reverend Timothy Njoya, one of the few church leaders pushing for a new Constitution, said the church leaders were overstepping their mandate to lead.

“The church may think that it is popular but it is God who is popular and not these church hierarchies,” Rev Njoya said.

Rev Njoya said the only issue the church leaders had with the proposed Constitution was that their opinions were ignored during the drafting stage of the document and felt like they had a point to prove.

He was quick to fault the church leaders of misusing church collection to bank role their campaign and even going as far as seeking foreign funding for the campaign.

“Why can’t they bank role their campaign from politicians who have money and are opposed to the document instead of looking for the Americans evangelical right wing,” he said.


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