Capital offers platform for Kenyan youth

May 13, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 13 – Capital Group Chairman Chris Kirubi has urged Kenyan youth to take advantage of the latest online Jobs Finder service to seek opportunities and connect with potential employers.

Mr Kirubi says Capital Digital Media’s platform was created with the aim of “Connecting the right talent” by providing an online platform in which the employers and the job seekers interact.

Capital Group’s Digital Media is the fastest growing website in east Africa offering live radio streaming from 98.4 Capital FM, blogs, live chat, audio/video clips, photo galleries, news, sports, business, stocks, music, and more.  A recent survey of users portrayed that over 98.4 percent of the online audience have university, post graduate or technical training.

More than half of these users visit the site multiple times daily and are between the ages of 19 and 40 years. Average monthly page views are at two million and monthly hits of over 19 million.

Below is Mr Kirubi’s full statement:

Every single day I receive at least five mails from young people looking for jobs, on my Facebook profile alone.  So you can imagine how many more flood in through my mail, as soft and hard copies.

Some young people want to come and work with us, and this interest is validating to say the least.  It means that as an employer, our hard work pays off in the eyes of job seekers (or at least we like to think so).

Over the years, I have often wondered how best to assist these young people.  Out of the 500,000 that graduate from Tertiary Institutions, statistics show that only a small percentage of them find their way into formal employment. 

I have always rigorously advocated for entrepreneurship as means of job creation and employment, but I also realise that not all of us can take that route in life.  In my view, the government could do more to create conditions or mandate financiers to reserve a certain percentage of funds meant to be lent out, to start ups and the youth.

In the meantime, I as an employer and private sector player must develop my own solution to ease this burden on our youth. 

Capital Jobsfinder’ is a culmination of my thoughts over time and a desire to help out young people who seek employment.   It is an employment website whose main purpose is to put young people directly in contact with employers, at NO COST whatsoever.

We work with the finest and most credible Kenyan companies to bring your dreams of working for them a step closer.  Your responsibility, as a young person, is only to log on to the website and start the search to your career of choice

We can only ask that share these opportunities with your friends and loved ones… and your feedback is also greatly appreciated. 

We are serving you with these opportunities on a silver platter; the rest is up to you.


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