Ruto’s twitter account taken over by hackers

July 25, 2014 5:23 pm
A twitter logo/FILE
A twitter logo/FILE

, Deputy President William Ruto’s Twitter Account has been hacked, barely days after the same action on the military’s account.

The account was taken over by hackers anonymous group which is now posting offensive messages.

There has been no statement from the Deputy President’s office on the matter.

The Twitter account for the Kenyan military was hacked twice in one day.

Barely two hours after Twitter intervened and restored the account, the Anonymous Group of hackers claimed fresh control.

Also affected again was the Twitter account for KDF’s Liaison Officer Major Emmanuel Chirchir.

In the time the hackers held the verified @kdfinfo Twitter account hostage, its followers grew from over 65,000 to about 67,500.

On Tuesday morning, the account had 68,400 followers.

The @kdfinfo twitter account is not the first of its kind to be hacked, with the Israel Defence Forces Twitter account being hacked into two weeks ago.


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