Magistrate murdered in Nairobi

April 6, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 6 – A resident magistrate based at the Nairobi Law Courts was found murdered and his body dumped on the roadside in Embakasi on Monday morning.

The body of Rogers Fundi was found lying outside a bar off North Airport Road.

Police and witnesses said the body had bruises on the neck, and blood was oozing from the mouth.

“It also had an injury that appeared like a stab wound on the chest,” Embakasi divisional Police chief David Bunei said.

“It does not appear to us that he was killed here; there are no signs of struggle at all. He must have been killed elsewhere and his body dumped here,” Mr Bunei said.

Family members, including his wife who works as an advocate in Kiambu and senior officials from the Judiciary broke down to tears when they saw his half-naked body.

One of Mr Fundi’s cousins told Capital News that they were alerted via a telephone call at about 9 am.

“We were called and informed to go and identify the body at the scene, it appears people at scene knew him well because they had already identified him. I don’t know what happened to him,” one of his relatives said.

His wife was overcome by emotions and could not talk to journalists.

Another relative told Capital News that the late deceased had left behind two children.

A police investigator said they were probing reports that the magistrate had not gone home since Saturday.

“We are trying to establish more from his driver. He was with him for the better part of the weekend. We want him to tell us all his whereabouts prior to the murder,” the officer said.

He said investigators were also seeking to establish the motive of the killers who dumped his body outside a bar that he frequented.

“We understand this is a place he usually drinks (sic). Many people in bars around here know him well. We want to know if he was in this area on Sunday night and the people he was seen with,” the officer added.


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