Wife of 32yr old kidnap victim in plea

January 9, 2012 2:25 pm


Collins Muriungi was kidnapped on Dec 30, 2011
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 9 – The family of a 32-year-old clinical officer is seeking help in tracing him after he was abducted late last month.

Collins Limiri Muriungi, who works as a clinical officer in charge of TB Coordination in Kerugoya, was picked up from his private chemist in Athi River on December 30.

“My husband and I are both clinical officers. On December 30 at 9pm, I got a call from our chemist employee informing me that he (Muriungi) had been arrested by people who identified themselves as police officers,” his wife Beatrice Khaseke said.

On rushing to the scene, Khaseke said they were informed that her husband had been picked up alongside a man identified as Stephen Kinyua.

She said enquiries with the police confirmed they were not holding him, in what now turns out to be a kidnapping.

“We wanted to sell the chemist and my husband had brought this other man to come and see it because he had expressed interest; we are told that is when unidentified people came with guns and bundled them into a car claiming they were police officers,” she said in an interview with Capital News.

The gunmen did not take away a vehicle that Kinyua had driven to the chemist, which is now being detained at the Athi River Police station.

“They were ordered to keep quiet and were put in two different cars which sped off and up to date I have not heard from my husband,” she said.

“I am too disturbed I don’t know what to tell my children. I have a small baby who will be turning three months on Wednesday. This thing has really disturbed me, I am not able to breastfeed,” she added.

The couple has two children. Their first born is four years old.

“I now fear for my husband’s life, I am eager to know where he is because since he was taken away, 10 days have elapsed and we have never seen or heard from him,” she said.

Khaseke told Capital News that she had not been in touch with the kidnappers but revealed that Kinyua’s family had been contacted and ordered to pay a ransom of Sh5 million for his release.

“Police have been handling the matter tracing the number of the sender but they have not managed to get them. Time is running out and I am increasingly worried… I am appealing to the people holding my husband to please make contact or release him,” she said adding that “this is the worst torture in my life.”

When contacted, Athi River Police chief Charles Kiriinya declined to comment saying the matter was too sensitive.

Cases of kidnapping were common in the country four years ago, prompting Police Headquarters to form a special police squad to deal with the matter.

Several suspected kidnappers were shot dead at the time and others prosecuted in court.

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