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  • Nigeria’s Jonathan starts handover to president-elect Buhari

    ABUJA, Nigeria, May 28 - Nigeria's outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday showed Muhammadu Buhari around his new quarters, as the former military ruler prepared to take over as elected head of state. The 57-year-old took Buhari and his vice-president-elect Yemi... Read more

  • Hospitals overwhelmed as India heatwave deaths near 1,500

    INDIA, May 28 - Hospitals in India were struggling Thursday to cope with an influx of victims of a blistering heatwave that has claimed nearly 1,500 lives in just over a week. Hundreds of people -- mainly from the poorest sections of society -- die at the height of summer... Read more

  • Ecuador seized around 200,000 shark fins

    ECUADOR, May 28 - Ecuador seized around 200,000 shark fins and arrested three suspected traffickers at the country's main fishing port, the government said Wednesday. Interior Minister Jose Serrano announced the seizure on Twitter, posting pictures of rows, piles and bags... Read more

  • Deaths from major heatwave sweeping India top 1,100

    INDIA, May 27 - More than 1,100 people have died in a major heatwave sweeping India, authorities said Wednesday, as forecasters warned searing temperatures would continue. Southern India has borne the brunt of the hot, dry conditions and many of the victims are construction... Read more

  • Singapore Airlines Airbus loses power in-flight to both engines

    SINGAPORE, May 27 - A Singapore Airlines Airbus with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board lost power to both engines en route to Shanghai -- reportedly falling 13,000 feet -- the airline said Wednesday as it announced an investigation into the incident. The Airbus A330-300... Read more