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Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe during an engagement with KEPSA, Jun 23, 2022. /COURTESY

August Elections

Igathe says ‘unique’ campaign style celebrates blue collar jobs

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 23 – Nairobi gubernatorial candidate on the Azimio-One Kenya ticket Polycarp Igathe says his unique campaign style is aimed at celebrating ‘blue collar’ jobs and not putting undue focus on himself.

Speaking during an engagement with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Igathe stated that the conversation in the country should change from what needs to be done to who will do it.

He noted that his interaction with the public in washing toilets and washing cars is to show that a leader is a servant of the people.

“A leader should offer solutions and not complain about the problems,” he stated.

With ‘NairobiTunavyoitaka’ as his campaign slogan, Igathe’s style of wooing Nairobians to elect him to office come August involves having interaction with mama mboga, boda boda riders and even those washing cars. Igathe has also been spotted serving as a waiter in Quiver lounge and washing toilets as well.

“I was doing this to present to Kenyans that here comes a man who is a servant. A politician is simply a servant, and a city is about service,” he emphasized.

The former Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Equity Bank further encouraged the public to exercise their political right by voting as that is the only way of implementing the change they want since they have power in their hands. He emphasized the constitution categorically allows adults to vote and so the August general election is an opportunity to differentiate a child from an adult.

“You have refused to take responsibility to vote but you keep accusing others, saying it is that fellow. Chapter 1 of the constitution says the sovereign power of the Republic of Kenya belongs to the people,” Igathe said.

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He promised if elected as the governor of Kenya’s capital, he will sign a performance agreement that will contain his daily schedule as a governor. His main focus will be on Society, Economy and Environment (SEE).

“We shall catalyse biashara, but the biggest promise under catalyzing it is a single business permit. With ‘Kustawisha Jamii’, we shall ensure there is zero hunger, we will deliver on decent jobs and the well-being of the people. By the end of my term, all neighborhoods in Nairobi will be connected to a working sewer line,” he said.

Igathe further encouraged the private sector, KEPSA and the citizens to hold him accountable for delivering what will be stated in his manifesto.

“My manifesto will offer a scorecard that will gauge whether I will deliver, and I will also sign a performance agreement. I have given you my vision, judge me on whether I will deliver on decent jobs, elimination of hunger and promoting the wellbeing of Nairobians” he added.

Exuding confidence that he will be the next boss of the capital city of Kenya, Igathe stated that leadership entails working and engaging with all people.

“Politics is not enmity. Sakaja is not my enemy, when I will win, I will engage him and others in restoring Nairobi to its glory of the green city in the sun,” he stated.


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