Kenyan men hate miniskirts, tight trousers

July 5, 2012 11:35 am
The survey titled most annoying habits of males and females was conducted country wide among 1,013 Kenyans over 18 years/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 5 – Unfaithfulness has been cited as the most annoying male habit while indecent dressing is the most infuriating female habit according to a new poll by Ipsos-Synovate.

The survey titled most annoying habits of males and females was conducted country wide among 1,013 Kenyans over 18 years.

The survey showed that 44 percent of women sampled found unfaithfulness in men as annoying while 45 percent of men hated exhibitionism or indecent dressing.

“The men said they didn’t like when women wear miniskirts, exposing dresses or tight trousers,” said Ipsos-Synovate Managing Director Maggie Ireri.

Women in North Eastern province were said to be the most unhappiest about unfaithfulness at 58 percent followed by Eastern and Western Kenya at 55 and 53 percent respectively.

Nairobi and Central provinces had the lowest number of women unhappy with male unfaithfulness at 32 and 34 percent respectively, the survey showed.

The second most annoying habit among males was excessive drinking at 24 percent and raping and children molestation at 11 percent.

“Excessive drinking was considered more of a problem in rural areas where 27percent of the respondents found it irritating compared to 24 percent of their urban counterparts,” Ireri noted.

In women the second and third most annoying habits were singled out as gossiping and unfaithfulness at 17 and seven percent respectively.

“The findings when analysed give the notion that our differences are not entirely gender based but elements of age and culture play a crucial role in defining behaviour,” Ireri said.

The survey indicated that other annoying male habits were stinginess, untidiness, domestic violence, abandoning family, undermining women, urinating in public places, irresponsible behaviour in general and adopting habits such as plaiting hair and watching too much soccer.

In women, other habits considered annoying were prostitution, gold digging, alcoholism, talking to other people about their relationship issues, nagging, general irresponsibility and disrespectful behaviour towards men.

The survey was conducted between 18th and 21st June and data was collected through telephone interviews.


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