Kenyan women flock prayers for husbands

September 5, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 5 – Over 5,000 love struck women thronged the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) on Saturday with the aim of finding true love and restoring broken marriage relationships.

The conference which started running on Friday under the theme \’Your set time of marriage\’ was presided over by Nigerian self proclaimed pastor of marriage Chris Ojigbani.

Some of the women interviewed by Capital News said they believed the pastor would help them get husbands and also mend their relationships.

"I really wanted to know the reason why I\’m not getting married because every woman wants to get married but unfortunately for me this has not happened. I come across men and relationships but they just fall apart. I have read testimonies of people who were prayed for to get husbands and I believe that God can also work in my life," said Pamela Onyango, a participant.

"I want to get married even tomorrow and I have been made to believe that if God wants me to get a husband even in an hour\’s time, then I will," said Sylvia Nekesa.

For others the conference was an opportunity for them to be empowered and to get back their self confidence.

"I have come to listen to the Word of God to understand it and to understand Him. The more I know Him the more He will help me solve my problems," said a participant who declined to be named.

The women, who added that they learnt of the conference through media advertisements, also registered their disappointment over the selected venue saying it was too small. A significant number of the participants were forced to sit outside the main hall and listen in to the proceedings.

"I was not here yesterday (Friday) and I only managed to come here today but I am so late. I wish this conference could go on even tomorrow in a bigger place like Uhuru Park where everybody can be accommodated because some of us are outside," said another participant. 

By Saturday evening, more women were still streaming to the venue with the hopes of positively changing their relationship status.

The number of women present more than tripled that of men most of whom seemed to have attended the conference out of curiosity: "I\’m just here to see how things are. I didn\’t know there were so many single women in Nairobi."

On Tuesday the government released last year\’s population census which placed the ration of men to women in the country at 1:1. Despite this, some of the women interviewed still believed there were no men to marry them.

"I just want to hear how I can meet and keep a husband. I can\’t tell whether I\’ll get one here but I want to. I came here hoping for a miracle because I am a single woman," said one participant.

Pastor Ojigbani is the founder and senior pastor of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries. The pastor who also prophesies marriage proposals to women has also published books and articles on relationships and courtship.


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