• PM Raila is worse than opportunist! Thats simply because he is ever ready to harvest political capital out of worst scenarios. What even makes him more than opportunist is the fact that, all his so called reactions only check in during every election year. Infact, in all instances where his face sprang up, he was not even playing a leader but awkward opportunist attempting to out-do the president. Thats why for some time now, we have been saying that he is hellbent on basking in false glory! He does not get to accident scenes to offer leadership. But for sentimental purposes that hardly suit the situations. And where resources are required to rescue the situation, he quickly lapses to a mere spectator! You saw what happened in Garissa for yourself! He lied to our brothers there that government, which is already in financial crisis, was going to compansate those affected by recent security lapses in the area. Meanwhile, he had neither consulted nor evaluated consequences of such a huge financial engagement. Even more stunningly, he didnt seem to know that riotous situations are legally never any one’s responsibility!

    However, instances of PM attempting to cash on issues that he was a total stranger are dotted all over the place. You know all things that have made him to claim that he is a reformer can be effortlessly disapproved. Thats because their time of happening and his much hyped presence dont match up at all. When he was involved in a tribal failed coup, he purported to have resorted to recruiting his tribesmen in airforce on behalf Kenyans. That CANT be true given the trial records that actually pronounce the whole futile venture as pure family’s greed for power. That lie gave rise to another of supposed fight for multi-partyism. But if the guy was in remand prison or detention in the entire period we were fighting for pluralism, when did he become the engine for same? Needless to say, the moment he got fresh air outside prison gates, he took off in ladies! He would surface only when everything had happened and 1992 plural elections were at hand.

    Same same thing happened with constitution. After he told us that he didnt see how Hon. Mutula Kilonzo was going to give us same after Hon. Karua’s failure, he completely disappeared from the scene. He belatedly only surfaced when we were approaching referendum. First, he told us that PNU expected him not support the constituition. Then after calling religious leaders names, he turned to brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka, the actual driver of the whole thing. He baselessly called him a supposed watermelon after Kalonzo cautioned him against using funny names on the clergy. But he wont relent. He was however slowed down by suspect “illness,” that for all intent and purpose, had something to do with his foul pronouncements. He even faked “opposition” against the constitution! That was, as events later showed, to feign “owner” status of the document. If somebody had said time and again, that he was mostly on the sidelines, even doubted the driver’s capacity to produce results, would he at the same time claim to be the driver? These are the things that have made Raila’s empty political career! When looked closely, one would wonder how we havent noticed fraud chain in all this!!!!

    • Lumash

      Dear Kwessi Pratt.. You perception of what Wambugu says is far from the truth. Wambugu has been candid and given samples. He has highlighted the design of what political leadership is. Hail to Wambugu for this clear vice that still hold the PM top amongst all the opinion polls 7years straight since 2005 after the referendum. That is not an easy fete to achieve for any politician. Not even Mandela was able to sustain popularity in the opinion polls throughout his presidency. Well Wambugu is right to say that Raila always comes out during those uncomfortable times and always the first to be a whistle blower. Many a times he has alerted us on the worst atrocities that other politicians shy away from telling. But its your choice to make judgement and have opinion. I think the fact remains.. track record is what matters. That is the true Kenyan politics

      • @Lumash: You havent said a thing! You have only exhibited your rather awkward defence for your idol. Leadership is NOT political expediency! Its also not your ability to destroy evidence. Leadership comes from the heart. However, what we have seen in Raila CANT be called leadership. Its combination of pretentious lies and wicked opportunism. My friend, Mr. Wambugu, has all markings of an individual doing his duties for a pay. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially when we know that some character has been on overdrive to depict himself as laterday lover for Kikuyus! Forgeting that his political career is built on his hate for us! Again, thats not a big deal, given that Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ was also a jew!

        Actually your PM has been leading in fake opinion polls that are manufactured by himself and his hordes of tribal drunkards that never see anything beyond tribe. Retired president Nelson Mandela didnt lead continuously in fake opinion polls because he is not a cheat. If those polls were genuine, Raila would have slipped down to ground zero the moment collaterals (tribal kingpins), who had created semblace of popularity for him, walked away. Infact, since he lost 2007 election, he has lost too much ground. However, his worshippers either dont have the audacity to tell the truth, or their tribal wishful thinking wont permit them. They know without lies that are quickly taken in by the media, their man would be a waste by now.

        In any case, no single politician in the entire history of polling has maintained genuine lead for that long. And moreso, when supported by absolutely nothing! Even leaders who changed the face of the world (forget folks who have miserably failed to change their villages!) NEVER EVER led in polls for that long. Human beings normally get bored with the routine pretty quickly. Actually, thats why best popular leaders end up escaping assassination attempts or get killed. Thus, this purported lead by Raila CANT BE REAL at all. It has something to do with his ever unending desire to fake feats. And dont forget, he has already crowned himself best leader without any shred of a thing to support that!!!!

  • Ngoma

    Why dont you try telling that to the birds!

    • @Ngoma: What Ngoma?! You figure anything substantive to write?

      • Ngoma

        My comment to the the author