Russia urged to cooperate with Iran

July 7, 2009 12:00 am

, MOSCOW, July 7 – Russia must cooperate with the international community on the disputes over the nuclear programmes of Iran and North Korea, US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday.

"Neither America nor Russia would benefit from a nuclear arms race in East Asia or the Middle East," he said in a keynote speech to students from the New Economic School in Moscow.

"That is why we should be united in opposing North Korea’s efforts to become a nuclear power, and preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

"This is not about singling out individual nations — it is about the responsibilities of all nations.

"If we fail to stand together, then the NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and the (UN) Security Council will lose credibility, and international law will give way to the law of the jungle. That benefits no one," said Obama.

Russia has relatively stong ties with Iran, which the United States says is seeking a nuclear bomb. Tehran denies the accusations.


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