Weather forecast gloom continues

March 24, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, March 24 – The Kenya Meteorological Department has said that only a few regions in the country will experience normal weather conditions.

Acting Director Vitalis Ayago has explained that the awaited long rains have been delayed due to unpredictable pressure systems.

“The pressure systems are not favourable and so there has been a delay on the onset,” Mr Ayago said.

“This year, the rains are not going to perform except for a few places in western Kenya and some parts of the coast,” he added.

The Acting Director called on Kenyans and especially farmers to consult extensively with the meteorological department so that they are not caught unawares.

“What I would like to urge Kenyans is to try to get updates from the Kenya Met Department,” he said.

“For the farmers, I would like to urge them to plant drought resistant crops.”

Speaking during World Meteorological Day celebrations held at Met Department, NEMA Environmental Education and Public Participation Director Dr Ayub Macharia asked the Kenyans to share this year’s theme, ‘Weather, climate and the air we breathe’.

"The WMO is very active in…assessing first of all the concentration of the various components in the atmosphere, improving the capability to predict whether they will grow or they will develop. It is getting increasingly important to do that in connection with our organisation."

Dr Macharia said the theme is designed to remind people in every corner of the globe to show concern about the relationship between air quality, the weather and climate.

He said scientists today have a far better understanding of the distribution of harmful particles and how long they stay in the air, and that this will result in more accurate weather forecast technologies to better serve mankind.


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