Ruto says NASA plotting chaos to reject poll outcome

July 24, 2017 4:23 pm
Ruto said NASA’s call to its supporters to jam polling stations was well choreographed to cause tension with security agencies and cause a fight/DPPS

, MAJANI MINGI, Kenya, Jul 24 – Deputy President William Ruto has said the National Super Alliance leaders want to cause chaos on voting day to mar the polls and reject the outcome.

Ruto said NASA’s call to its supporters to jam polling stations was well choreographed to cause tension with security agencies and cause a fight.

He said the government is aware that causing chaos is the final strategy the Opposition was adopting after failing to win the support of majority of Kenyans.

He said the Opposition leaders were inciting their followers that’s why they are opposed to presence of security in polling stations despite the electoral commission providing rules of how many agents each candidate is expected to have.

Ruto said the Opposition has already sensed defeat and now wants to cause chaos with the intention of contesting the outcome of the polls.

The Deputy President said the accusations against the military were farfetched and meant to incite its followers to rise up and cause chaos.

“It is common knowledge that the Opposition has sensed defeat and that’s why it is planning to cause chaos now that the courts have affirmed the elections will be on August 8,” said Ruto.


He said now that the plan by NASA to postpone elections through the courts had failed they were on a drive to sabotage the polls.

Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa (Water and Irrigation), MPs Moses Cheboi (Kuresoi North), Liza Chelule (nominated), Arthur Odera (Teso North) and Jubilee candidates for Nakuru gubernatorial and senatorial seats Lee Kinyanjui and Susan Kihika accompanied him.

The Deputy President, at the same time, asked security forces to stay firm in ensuring the safety of Kenyans during and after the elections.

Ruto, who was on a campaigning in Kuresoi, Rongai, Likuyani and Amagoro in Nakuru, Kakamega and Busia Counties respectively, said the election date is constitutionally fixed at August 8.

“The election will be held in August 8 and our security forces will make sure that all Kenyans vote in peace and without being threatened,” said the Deputy President.

He said the Opposition literally wasted its time in the courts and other diversionary schemes in the hope of delaying the election but all their attempts have failed.

“They are now making allegations against our military and the police because their old plans failed and they want to cause chaos on Election Day,” Ruto.

“Our security agencies should not be intimidated. They should be firm and play their role in ensuring every Kenyan votes without intimidation,” he added.

The Deputy President said the Opposition was now in a panic mode and has even gone to the extent of writing to foreign nations as if Kenya was still a colony.

“We are a sovereign and independent state that decides its own future,” said the Deputy President as he told the Opposition to face Kenyans to ask for votes.

Wamalwa said NASA leaders were not ready for the August polls and were using courts to postpone the elections.

Wamalwa asked western Kenya voters to vote for Jubilee in large numbers to have a clear victory that will not be disputed by the Opposition.

“We want a peaceful election but as voters from western Kenya, you should turn up in large numbers and vote for Jubilee to win by a large margin which cannot be disputed by our opponents,” said Wamalwa.

He told the people of western Kenya that their future was brighter in Jubilee as compared to NASA, urging them to reject Opposition leaders at the ballot come August 8.

Cheboi said voters in Nakuru have resolved to support Jubilee because of development projects it has initiated for the people.

“Kenyans are grateful that Jubilee has initiated projects that have direct impact on their lives. That’s why they will not be misled to support those in Opposition,” said Mr Cheboi.

Odera said Jubilee will get more votes in Busia County compared to 2013 general election, saying they the Government’s development track record in the region speaks for itself.

The Deputy President told the residents of Rongai Constituency that their water woes would soon be over after the construction of Itare and Chemosus dams were completed within the next two and half years.

He said Opposition leader Raila Odinga was wrong in his attempts to block the construction of Itare dam and his actions betrayed the fact that he does not care about the suffering of Kenyans.

“He bathes with tap water but he is ready to stand in public and oppose a project that is meant to alleviate the suffering of many Kenyans. What he talked about was not science because I am a scientist and nobody knows what he has studied,” said the Deputy President.



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