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Crowds mob Mudavadi in Kitale town as he heads to a rally on Saturday/DPM PRESS SERVICE


Kenyans must individually take charge – Mudavadi

Crowds mob Mudavadi in Kitale town as he heads to a rally on Saturday/DPM PRESS SERVICE

KITALE, Kenya, Nov 18 – Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has urged Kenyans to take charge and make the decision to elect the next president without undue influence because the responsibility lies on their shoulders.

He said Kenyans cannot wait for anybody to tell them whom to elect as the next president but should make the decision after thorough scrutiny of aspirants to ensure they entrust the responsibility to a man or woman who can guarantee the safety and prosperity of the nation.

“Electing a president is your responsibility. Do not wait for somebody to give you direction. If you have already decided your MP does not deserve another term then how comes you wait for him or her to tell you who to vote as the next president?”

Speaking during a public rally at Kenyatta Stadium in Kitale on Saturday, Mudavadi said he will provide alternative leadership that will reduce political tension between supporters of different political parties when elected president.

He said Kenyans themselves must be the champions of peace before and after the general elections to make Kenya a country that will be respected for being save heaven of peace where everybody desires to live in and do business.

He emphasised peace is paramount for the prosperity and continuity of any nation and Kenyans need to know that it is not pleasant for the international community to intervene for Kenyans to remain peaceful during every election circle.

“Kenyans themselves must champion peace before and after the elections. It is not pleasant to have neighbours and the international community to tell us what to do to remain peaceful and united as a country every after five years”, he reiterated.

Mudavadi further dismissed as political double-standards, propaganda that paints the Luhya community as divided just because a few individuals have shown interest in the presidency.

He said other communities have also more than one presidential candidate but they are not portrayed as divided like the Luhya community.

“We have Peter Kenneth, Uhuru Kenyatta, Martha Karua from Central Province, Nyanza we have Raila Odinga and Raphael Tuju but they are not portrayed as divided. That title is reserved for people of Western by detractors. Why?” wondered Mudavadi.

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He continued; “In 2002 we had Mwai Kibaki, Pius Muiru, Koigi Wamwere and the late Wangari Maathai from Central Province but the people of Central decided to give their votes to Mwai Kibaki and he won. The people of Western can also decide the same.”

He was accompanied by UDF allied MPs Soita Shitanda, Manyala Keya, George Khaniri, Boni Khalwale, Yusuf Chanzu and former Saboti MP David Nakitare among others.

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