Clan violence kills five in Kuria

June 10, 2009 12:00 am

, KURIA, Kenya, Jun 10 – Five people were killed and six others seriously wounded after fresh violence erupted in Kuria district on Tuesday night, police said.

More than 20 houses were also burnt down and hundreds of cattle stolen during the incident that occurred at Kegonga area.

“Those killed were shot and others hacked by armed raiders who stole cattle,” a senior police officer said.

Tension was reported to be high in the area on Wednesday.

Some villagers feared more attacks and fled their homes.

“Residents from affected areas are now camped at police stations and churches in Kuria town,” the officer who could not be named said. He is not authorised to speak to the press.

Nyanza Provincial police Chief Larry Kieng’ declined to comment on the number of people killed but said “security has been beefed up.”

“We have increased patrols there and we are urging those fleeing their homes to return,” he said. “The security patrols will remain there until peace prevails.”

Tuesday night’s killings bring to 13 the number of people killed in the area in the past two weeks due to inter-clan fighting mainly sparked by cattle-rustling raids.

Police said they believed the raiders were from a neighbouring country colluding with locals to steal cattle.

Mr Kieng’ said they were working closely with police in the neighbouring country (just name the country) to get the raiders and the stolen animals.


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