Muthama slams Alston report as biased

March 2, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 2 – Kangundo Member of Parliament Johnston Muthama has rubbished the report on extra-judicial killings by United Nations Special Envoy Philip Alston, saying it was biased.

Mr Muthama, who is also the government deputy chief whip, said 11 days was too little time to conclusively probe the alleged illegal killings and said that the report should not be adopted.

The MP, who made the comments in Mombasa on Sunday, further stated that the probe was meant to be carried out on cases that occurred after the post election violence and not before.

The report recommends the sacking of Police Commissioner Major General Hussein Ali and the resignation of Attorney General Amos Wako for failing to contain the illegal killings and prosecuting those involved.

However speaking in Nairobi, Former Assistant Minister Kalembe Ndile called on the Attorney General and Police Commissioner to quit office.

Mr Ndile said the President should implement recommendations of the report on extra judicial killings.

“Mr Wako has been very ineffective since taking up office in 1991. He should leave since it is clear that he cannot handle the country’s legal affairs,” Mr Ndile told journalists at a press conference.

On the grand coalition government Mr Ndile said it had performed poorly during its first year and Kenyans should expect little from it.

“The government has scored zero in terms of delivery and yet they promised great things during their election campaigns.”

He joined millions of Kenyans who have expressed dissatisfaction with the government, which is made up of 93 ministers and assistant ministers.

Most who face starvation say their troubles show that the coalition government, created a year ago Saturday by a power-sharing agreement that ended weeks of post election riots, was not doing enough to tackle some of the key causes of the clashes.

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