• Anonymous

    This is Egypt playing divide and rule tactics, and as usual, our PM is clueless about geo-political matters. Any initiative towards the preservation of Nile waters should be carried out through the aegis of the Nile Basin Initiative, or similar forum. Makes no sense to make pacts with Egypt on a bilateral basis when other neighbouring countries are not involved, and especially when we are the most water deficient country in this part of the world.

    • Jkiluu25

      Egyptian have for years pretend and still do that they are not Africans and for years failed or frustrated efforts to share the Nile equally and fairly. No sub sahara African country should enter into negotiations with these hypocrites. Its time to pursue our Agenda as Black Africans they had their time . If kenyans just like Ethiopians needs to exploit Lake Victoria do so consciously but with no regard to some Arab wanna be interests.