• Anonymous

    Good for him.  And good for Shuga.  About time this was brought thoughtfully out into the open.

  • Jishlagat

    atleast the real issues are being tackled here

  • waynisha

    how n where can i watch this movie.

  • There’s everything wrong being gay. It’s a perversion and mental illness. No wonder I never listen to your radio station or advertise on it. Do you have children?

  • Jane

    I wonder when the word homosexuality will stop being used wrongly in reference to HIV/Infection. The issue is Men Who Have Sex with Men not being gay… Issues of sexual orientation and sexual preferences are totally different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 35% of HIV negative gay men turned positive in 5 months in a Kenyan study. Google for very high hiv incidence. Nature isn’t politically correct.