• Benson Gerald

    the people should have taken care of themselves, Pole they were not able to


    lenku been shifted to tourism

  • SimbaKubwa

    At this rate the government will start suing the dead for suicide by failing to protect themselves!

  • Charles

    So the President was serious when he said security is a personal responsibility! But then, how could those 36 dead citizens protect themselves without guns? And why do we pay taxes? Cheka hapo tu ukijipiga picha, lakini iko siku utajibu hayo maswali siku ya kiama.

  • Dynotrex

    The government is not serious on matters security. There should have been a 24 hour curfew imposed in the town, and all houses searched for weapons, instead everything looks normal and the guns are somewhere being prepared for the next attack. How does the president expect pple to protect themselves without any weapons?

  • masila

    Ask moi how to run this country Mr. president or you can quit