• bob

    My president!

  • DDkamau

    does this stupid girl know who she’s talking to… wasichana wa siku hizi

    • gblackael

      Don’t call her stupid,even women have brain and freedom of speech just as men do!

    • gblackael

      sorry i mis understood your statement,sorry again,lol

  • Wilfred Yebei

    We are going to show our former colonialists that Kenya is in Africa and no amount of intimidation will make us change our mind to vote in the people we want to take us in the next level.The west should leave us alone otherwise we may construe this interference to be another form of colonialism.

  • Babz

    This lady who goes by the name of Folly Bah Thibault is not
    a professional. It is obvious she is batting for the other team, which is ok
    but as a journalist, you are not suppose to show it or make it that obvious.

    She has no journalism or interviewing skill AT ALL! She was bias, disrespectful, intolerable, cocky and very…..very unprofessional. I highly suggest she takes a few interviewing lessons from Julie Gichuru.

    That was not an interview, it was an interrogation which was excruciatingly painful to watch and for that, I commend Uhuru for his professionalism.

    I am extremely disappointed in Aljazeera for hiring such unethical
    journalist and for doing nothing about this lady’s disrespectful interview.

  • after this interview i am ashamedto be kenyan. Africa needs to rise up. otherwise we will never compete at the same level with the 1st world.

    • judynini

      Why would you be ashamed to be Kenyan after this interview where an interviewee refused to be bullied, answered an exceedingly rude and combative interviewer with intelligence and great control and defended his position without making Africans / Kenyans look thoughtless and stupid? He was speaking as a candidate, running for election in a democratic country! And if that country chooses to vote in someone indited by the ICC who claims and defends his innocence, whats strange about that? Western journalists are so used to taking a this condescendingly righteous tone with African interviewees and asking questions without any intention of listening to the answers.

      If this makes you ashamed to be Kenyan , I’m at a loss to comprehend what would make you feel proud.

  • sandra

    This woman is clearly biased and contempt for UK Is obvious.My God!