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Deputy President William Ruto (second from right) in Malindi with a section of leaders from region.


Ruto takes hustler movement campaign to Malindi

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 5- Deputy President William Ruto has lashed out at the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying their priorities are misplaced and they do not have the best interest of the ordinary Kenyans at heart.

Speaking in Malindi during his tour of the coast, Ruto said Kenyans are concerned about putting food on their table and improving their living standards and not a “Bill that is meant to create positions of few individuals”.

“Kenyans are worried about the high rate of unemployment and not positions for our leaders. Every household has a young person who is done with school but has no job, these are the people who should be given priority and not leaders who are seeking leadership positions for themselves,” Ruto said, in an apparent reference to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Kenyatta and Odinga however, deny the claim that the BBI Bill borne out their peace pact two years ago is all about creating posts for themselves and have accused Ruto of misleading Kenyans.

“They believe in trickled down economics, we believe in bottom-up economics where we start with ordinary people,” Ruto said in dismissing the push to have a national referendum in June.

Ruto and his allies have continued to oppose the BBI, a move that has deepened the rift between him and President Kenyatta who is also championing for the Constitutional amendments through the BBI Bill.  

Ruto once again reiterated that his quest for the presidency is unstoppable urging Malindi residents to work closely with the other hustler movement supporters to form an all-inclusive government in 2022

“I have faced you eye to eye and I want to say in broad day light, I want people I can work with, people who are able to make independent decisions. People who know what they want and I hope you will join me and let us all form the next government that will care and cater for everybody,” he said.

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Ruto is at the coast for a three-day-tour where he is popularizing his hustler movement narrative that has faced criticism from his political opponents and from President Kenyatta.   

He was accompanied by his close allies Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and her Kilifi North Counterpart Owen Baya.

On Thursday, President Kenyatta slammed leaders whom he described as arrogant and are hell-bent to polarize the country in their pursuit to ascend to power.

While speaking during the first memorial service of Kenya’s second president the late Daniel Arap Moi on Thursday, President Kenyatta said it was time leaders embraced respect even as they seek votes.

“The arrogance that we see in today’s leadership raises many questions as to the future of this country,” he said even as he pleaded with the political class to exercise tolerance for a better and united Kenya.

The Head of State urged leaders who are seeking power to do so with respect and humility to avoid antagonizing Kenyans.

“Whether you insult or become abusive to your opponent even if you are angered that will not help. It is through respect and humility that God will favour you and assist you to achieve your ambitions,” he said.

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