Suspect shot dead in 3am Kenyan bank raid

October 10, 2012 2:32 pm


Police say the gang tried to gain access into a bank on Tom Mboya Street at 3am when officers confronted them/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 10 – An alleged attempt to rob a bank in the wee hours of Wednesday was thwarted by police as they gunned down one of the suspects.

Police say the gang tried to gain access into a bank on Tom Mboya Street at 3am when officers confronted them.

“This is a very dangerous group that can plan and raid a bank at night,” Moses Nyakwama, the Nairobi police chief said of the four man gang. “One of them was killed in the shootout.”

Nyakwama said the rest fled but officers who engaged them in a shootout believe they sustained bullet wounds.

A vehicle they were using was recovered at the junction of Tom Mboya Street and Accra road, with blood stains on the seats – an indication its occupants were suffered wounds. Police also recovered items used to cut metal grills at the bank.

“We are looking for them,” Nyakwama said as he appealed to hospitals and other medical facilities to cooperate with law enforcers in case the criminals seek medical attention.

The attempted robbery occurred when the gunmen dressed in trench coats tried to break into the bank after tying up the guard on duty and proceeded to cut metal grills to gain access.

Immediately they started cutting the grills the alarm went off attracting members of the public who swung into action.

Sensing danger, the robbers took off – some on foot but one of them was not so lucky.

Police said they had assessed the scene and confirmed that the thugs had not managed to access to the strong room by the time they were confronted.

“They had not made into the strong room, but there are indications they had tried to gain access,” Nyakwama said.

Police were questioning a night guard who was tied up by the guards when they stormed the bank.

Nyakwama said they are investigating possible collusion with bank staff.

“It is an issue that must be investigated… if anyone is found to be involved they must face the law accordingly,” he said.



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